About the Project

Our client from Norway is a provider of technology platforms and statistical models giving probabilities of sporting outcomes. They specialize in sport betting and their technology is used by trading companies to serve online betting markets globally. Their idea was to create a platform for LIVE sports betting for football fanatics that could be a MVP for sports events eventually.


  • .NET
  • Aurelia

“The platform offered real-time information to engage their audience. Management of content became easier.”


  • Online Publishing Platform for LIVE Sports Betting
  • Single Page Application in Aurelia Framework – Latest JavaScript
  • Modular Front End with Interesting User Interface
  • Publishing in Real Time
  • Ease in Management of Content


  • Steep learning curve of niche JavaScript Framework
  • Aurelia (Beta Version)
  • Modular development with complex functionality
  • Delivery timeline of the project


    We incorporated the following modules in our solution:
    News Module
    Fixtures Module
    Premier League Info Module
    Team Module
    Match Module
    Fantasy Module
    Table Module
    Players Module
    Analytics Module
    Odds Module