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Are you a beginner or a professional seeking that one technology which makes you future ready? Then answer is AngularJS! For the record, it is a new library/ framework for JavaScript Applications to work with browsers. It is a powerful client side technology that is changing the way web apps were being developed.  It has been in the scene for a while now but has gained popularity in the recent times.

Angularjs Development Company

Introduction to AngularJS

AngularJS is a framework coded purely in JavaScript and consists of a JavaScript file to work with browsers. With AngularJS, you can easily create SPA Applications – this means Single Page Applications and line of business applications. It helps you to bind HTML UI with JavaScript Objects in the most convenient way. As web developers, you can easily create mini websites and you can also develop very large websites as it provides extreme flexibility. It is a framework which is backed by Google Company. It is maintained by dedicated Google Engineers. – Link to the AngularJS Developer Guide. – Take a look at all those websites built with AngularJS.

Get Started with AngularJS

To get started with development in AngularJS, you are going to need Angular.JS Script File. Go to the official website of AngularJS – and get the Angular.JS script file. Look for the script file and also look for the CDN link. Below, you can read the benefits of having a CDN link for your web app development. You can also find other resources on the website to learn AngularJS. Look for API references in the developers tab which can prove extremely useful while choosing APIs for your single page applications.

  • One needs to have good knowledge of three technologies: JS, CSS & HTML to get started with AngularJS.
  • You have to use ‘ng-app’ to get started with an application in AngularJS.
  • It uses the ‘ng’ attribute that is base code. And ‘ng’ model which is the directive for the ‘ng-app’.
  • The expressions in AngularJS are evaluated by {{    }} – curly brackets.
  • AngularJS works for model and view in sync where each automatically updates itself when changes are made in either of them.

Find Google APIs

Read the following guidelines to look for Google APIs:


<script src=></script>

Remove Minify  This will help you in looking at a clean code base in HTML file for better readability of AngularJS coding methods.

Look for Angular Libraries:

Why is AngularJS Better?

It is a compact framework that allows convenient development of JavaScript applications. The code of Angular Script is bug prone. It is better than other languages for JavaScript like JQuery where it is difficult to debug. With the help of AngularJS, it is easier to debug for multiple AJAX requests between servers, setting time limits, changing pages, animation and many more aspects of development. It provides a good way to build contemporary ‘single page’ applications (SPA) that enables foreseeing needs.

Advantages of AngularJS

  • Dependency Injection
  • Two Way Data Binding
  • Testing Components
    • Unit – Testing
    • End to End Testing
  • MVC Split
  • Controlling DOM Elements

In the current times, it is much popular among the web development specialist. In a referential Q&A community Stack Overflow yields the following figures:

  1. Angular: 61,226 questions tagged “angularjs”
  2. Ember: 12,380 questions tagged “ember.js”
  3. Knockout: 12,163 questions tagged “knockout.js”

AngularJS is the Modern Framework!

AngularJS has the ability to wipe the landscape of web app development and create a new one all over again. It has undoubtedly made a noteworthy change in development of single page application. It is faster and easier. AngularJS is indeed a framework enabling web app developers to build better web applications. We hope this read was useful, for more information have a word with our web development experts.


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