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The Ext JS Technology is an emerging technology that is helping businesses and organizations to introduce and practice a more efficient system resulting in optimization of their operational efficiency. It is a pure JavaScript framework which is best suited for building interactive cross platform web applications. It uses techniques such as Ajax, DHTML and DOM scripting.

The Ext JS is a server side technology that is being loved by developers and JavaScript coders. Now, they can create HTML Application based on JavaScript in Ext JS technology as well as learn the benefits of Ext JS for HTML Applications.

Ext JS Development Agency in India

Let us also take a look at the history of ExT JS Technology:

History of Ext JS Technology

Ext JS was introduced as an extension to the Yahoo UI Libraries in 2006. But after a year, it was released as a standalone framework in 2007. And since then it is a framework for web application development and it has come a long way. The last few years has seen a massive surge in JavaScript frameworks that tend to focus on specific issue or area.

In 2008, Ext 2.1 was released under a new dual license structure. And in the last few years, JavaScript frameworks have emphasized on specific issues and areas that bring most distinguishing features encompassing front end development needs.

  • Ext JS 2.0 – Released in 2007
  • Ext JS 3.0 – Released in 2009
  • Ext JS 4.0 – Released in 2011
  • Ext JS 5.0 – Released in 2014
  • Ext JS 6 – Released as Sencha

Feature of Ext JS for Web Application Development

Rich Data Analytics

Ext JS is indeed an amazing technology. It enables businesses with effective analytics for their web applications. It offers capabilities where the users are able to summarize, aggregate and analyze multidimensional data to make more informed decisions.

With the help of the analytics by Sencha, businesses can easily handle records and functions such as sorting, grouping, column locking and summary rows. Ext JS plugin extends support for XLSX, XML, CSV, TSV and HTML formats. The exported plugin also offers support for basic styling of exported documents. 

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Data Visualization

Ext JS comes with D3 adapter which enables Ext JS developers to add sophisticated data driven documents such as heatmaps, treemaps and much more to your web applications. You can easily create dynamic visualization that tells a specific story. The users can easily explore their data and understand the same.

The Ext JS Charting package helps the Ext JS Development Experts to represent the data visually with dynamic and static charts. This can be implemented by using SVG, VML and Canvas Technologies. It also supports touch gestures for mobile devices and offer rich and interactive feature such as pan, zoom and pinch.

Responsive Config

This feature makes Ext JS suit the modern web application development. It offer flexible layout manager that can help Ext JS development specialist for organization of data, content across multiple browsers, devices and screen sizes. It comes with controls for display of components for complex user interfaces. It provides with config system that lets the components adapt the device orientation and renders compatibility with browser sizes.

Back End Data Package

The backend of Ext JS framework decouples the UI components from the data layer. It also offer client side collection of data using functional models with sorting and filtering features. The data package is protocol agnostic and can consume the data from the backend source.

High Customization

The Ext JS component offers very interesting and creative themes for Material, Triton, Classic, Neptune and Crisp. Ext JS Development experts can easily custom features of theme in order to suit the ideas of the brand identity.

Well Tested UI Components

Ending the read with the best features for building data driven HTML Applications with Ext JS framework! It offers a comprehensive collection of pre-integrated and high performance UI components for web application development. The components in HTML Calendar offer grinds, D3 adapter, lists, trees, toolbars, panes, menus, forms and many other interesting features for web application development. And this is the reason that Ext JS developers happen to love it.

To get a data driven web application made with JavaScript in ExtJS framework, get in touch with your Ext JS development specialist and they shall guide you with the best of the development process at the most affordable costs. Hopefully this was a useful read; stay tuned for more in Ext JS framework by Helios Solutions.

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