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Windows phones are one of the most preferred technology in phones around the world where the need to develop applications for windows is increasing with its increasing popularity. So businesses now consider creating an application for Windows other than for iOS and Android phones.

Windows app development

Yet another interesting update – Windows App Studio Beta brings some brilliant features and exciting improvements for easy and creative development of Windows App. Windows App Studio is a free online tool to create mobile applications for Windows phone. We heard there are some very interesting template features.

The New Features:

WordPress Data Source

The beta update lets developers connect the application to the WordPress Blog. Isn’t it amazing? Now, you can create a upload your through WordPress Blog format having it connected to your Windows App. Windows App Studio provides WordPress Data Source. Create those blogs and make them appear beautiful with the help of this feature. Free your blog from the web and avail it to the more than 110  million windows 10 users by publishing it to the store.


Showcasing related content becomes convenient. There have been times when you wanted to show related content in a section. The new feature allows developers to avail users with related searches, content in a section on the Windows App using Windows App Studio Tools. This feature opens new cases and it is expected to have new template in future updates.

Microsoft Advertising:

Yes, mostly advertising your applications is a bigger deal after developing such application. Businesses generally struggle to generate revenue from such applications. Would’nt it be amazing if you could generate revenue from such applications. This feature brings – Microsoft Ad Control where you can place advertisements on your application and recover the development expenses, if any. Al though the tool is free for development but it takes a team of developers for accurate and robust development of an application. Ask the Windows phone experts and hire dedicated Windows Phone app developer to get the best of Window App development.

Design Features:

New Carousel Control

This feature offers developers with the ability to display a number of images or the hero image in a single section that showcases like a slideshow on screen. So whatever may be the number of pictures, your content presentation is now better with the new carousel control.

Section Design Features

This update has much in store for everyone. Not just function wise, development gets better with special design features also. The section design feature allows changing the background and adjusting the main image for each section individually. You can also change the appearance of each section and choose the necessary features on the default/ home section of the application.

Wait Up! There is more coming

New Templates

Wow, is the feeling when we read this. The update also offers new templates for your application to look great and appeal to your audience. The template features includes:

  • WordPress Template:

This template allows connection to the WordPress Blog and lets you showcase content in an amazing manner. It is a brilliant way to step away from web and bring your blogs for the Windows users.

  • Events Template

This template allows developers to use the new related content feature and create a event centric application. So you can create custom application for events and seminars. With this feature, you can avail an informative app for all your event audience.

  • My Shop

With so many features, the templates are allowing optimum utilization of these features. You can create a catalogue of products and impress your audience. This template adapts wonderfully with the portfolio situations for photographers, artists, designers or anyone who wishes to sell through this application.

Why Helios Can be your Choice?

Windows App development is easy with Windows App Studio but meeting specific requirements, you will still need a dedicated team. A team conducts brand analysis, positions requirements and understands the specific deliverables. This will definitely need some experience. Helios has been developing IT solutions for more than 11 years now where our team is well trained for any kind of technology solution. Visit to see the platter of technologies we offer solutions in. Also, your biggest advantage with Outsourcing App Development India is the competitive prices.

This update undoubtedly is very impressive. It will help in making the most impressive Windows apps for your users. If you are looking for a dedicated windows app developer, then you must talk to our project manager who will look into your requirements and construct a blue print of requirements for you. You don’t have to worry about the communication gap because our project managers are trained to speak to you in your native language and help you get the best of solutions. Keep tuned in for reviews on updates and technologies.


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