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Dot Net Notts is a .Net user group in Nottingham, United Kingdom founded March 16. 2014. This user group was set up for anyone interested in Microsoft Technologies, such as, .Net, C#, ASP.NET, SharePoint, SQL Server, Modern Java script frameworks, HTML5, CSS3, etc. It welcomes all skill levels. The group was started to share and develop existing skills and discover new ones. People interested in best practices, latest tech, and frameworks, or just enjoy writing code, should definitely join in.

The next meet up is for the introduction of Functional Programming with F#.

F# is functional first programming language, which serves to tackle complex computing problems with simple maintainable and robust code. In this session, Ian Russel will help the members get started with writing functional code.


  • Monday, June 30, 2014 at 7:00 pm


  • Eve’s Café, Lace Market Square, Nottingham, NG11PB,Nottingham,

The group focuses on bringing together people with an interest in Functional Programming in F#. This session is formed as an interactive workshop, where people can join in to write some code together and learn the Functional Programming with F#. No prior experience is required, anyone, with an interest in the subject can join in. F# beginners are welcome too.

Topics include:

  • Essentials of Functional Programming and F#
  • Assessing what kind of projects F# is well suited for –or not
  • Using F# along with other languages and libraries
  • Asynchronous and Parallel Programming
  • Data visualization
  • Scientific Programming
  • Numerical Methods and Optimization
  • Financial Modelling

The Dot Net Notts are determined to establish an experience unique to the User Group Community. Everyone, from F3 Beginners to .Net experts is welcome to join the meet up. 18 members are already expected to join the meet up.

For more information on the meet up, and the group, please visit,

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