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Modeled in the camp unconference structure, which takes place in the great outdoors, Drupal camp is a no-holds-bar discussion, workshop, and more involving the open source content management system Drupal. At Drupal camp, members solve their queries by asking questions and receiving responses from the drupal experts. The solutions to the most pressing problems are considered here.

A barcamp is a participation oriented event focusing on some of the best parts of conferences, between session discussions, knowledge sharing and socializing. The program is created spontaneously at the commencement of each day by the participants.

What to expect:

  • Great discussions and presentations
  • Workshops and demos
  • Sharing ideas and knowledge
  • Attendees can participate by giving talks and asking questions
  • People working on projects, ideas and companies

Schedule dates:

  • July 16 – 20, 2014

Barcamp is a full day event for 4 days with multiple sessions, workshops, presentations, etc., on topics like technology, entrepreneurship, design, and social innovation. It is an open and sharing environment. Everyone can attend and participate. Bar-camp is a user-generated “un-conference” that started as a response to formal, exclusive, and boring tech conferences.

The sessions will be created in the teepee tents.

Camping Location:

Drupal Camp will take place at the campsite at the Allerpark, Wolfsburg.

On site shopping trips and barbecue will be organized. There would also be supporters willing to donate food and drinks for the day’s event. Drupal camp is the event with highest networking factor. Only here, you can lie near a lake, and be surrounded by nature, and end up learning about Drupal and sharing knowledge.

The event is ideally suited for the whole family, with the kids. We are aiming at educating the next generation by co-working with experienced developers, or even with spontaneous beginners.


This supporter ticket of 140 Euros includes a donation in the amount of 70 Euros, which helps fund the basic costs for the campsite and meals for the participants. The ticket is valid for the entire event period.

For more details on the Barcamp and further information on registration, please visit,

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