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Mashable Media Summit is a one day conference that explores how technology is evolving media. This year’s summit will mainly focus on the impact of storytelling and digital tools on the future of content marketing, human expression and branding. From new platforms and transforming formats to innovations like wearable tech and virtual reality, Mashable invites the most creative minds, technology developers and Web Development Specialists to discuss what’s next in media landscape.

Event Details:


  • Friday, 5th December


  • 9:45 am – 6:00 pm


  • Hudson Theater NYC145 W 44th STNew York, NY 10036

Who should attend?

  • The brand that seeks to engage their audience in new digital mediums
  • The influencer who searches for access to untapped audiences
  • The entrepreneur whose product is an emerging character in the stories of today
  • The strategists who stays two steps ahead of trends and movements in digital media
  • The seeker who longs for new channels to connect with the world
  • The storyteller who expresses the human experience through technology

For further information on Mashable’s event, ticket and the speakers, please visit

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