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Just yesterday, Microsoft .NET platform announced the new version of .NET Framework Repair Tool. All the .NET developers can now test and develop with Microsoft’s latest version of Repair Tool. Since years now, .NET team has constantly worked towards improving the deployment experience with .NET Framework setup and its updates.

Microsoft .NET Framework Update

This version encompasses for all versions of the .NET Framework from 3.5 SP1 to 4.6.1. This version of the tool adds support for .NET framework and 4.6.1.

There are times when issues are encountered during deployment with the .NET Framework or its updates and these issues cannot be fixed from within the setup. Thus, .NET Framework Repair Tool comes to your rescue. It helps in detecting and fixing few causes of install failures. This tool will fix the frequently occurring issues with the setup of Microsoft .NET framework.

How to Have The Latest Version of .NET Framework Repair Tool?

You can obtain the tool from the official website – Microsoft Download Center; here is your direct link:

How to Use .NET Framework Repair Tool?

The .NET Framework Repair Tool can be run in two ways:

  • In full UI mode – The wizard will guide you through the various steps for scanning and fixing issues.
  • In Quiet/ Passive Mode using command line switches. It can be used to automate the process of running the tool for applying fixes, collecting logs, repairing specific version, etc.

Microsoft .NET Framework is one of those frameworks that can enhance the overall experience of development and deployment of projects. This tool acts like the backbone for the Microsoft .NET Setup.

Try out this amazing tool’s setup and make sure your deployment quality is improved. If you have any feedback to give, then please send in your feedback to mailto:

There are many Freelance ASP.NET Developers across the globe and thus there is a constant need that arises among them. We are a full force team of ASP.NET Development Specialists who are enabling many businesses with solution using .NET Framework. Write to us if you have queries regarding the same.

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