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Do you develop with Azure Mobile Apps Node.js Server SDK? Then you have some good news. The new version of the Azure Mobile Apps Node.js Server SDK is finally out as the version v2.0.0 GA release. But the catch is – Does it have the ability to run to local development edition of the server without needing a SQL Server. The v2.1.0 release of the Server SDK adds support for SQLite on the server. This provides a new data store also.

Azure Mobile Apps Node - Mobile App Development

So all those developing Azure Mobile apps are about to feel enlightened with this version as they have some very interesting features that can make a difference to the overall development for you.

Let us explore the Features of Azure Mobile Apps Node.js Server SDK

Local Development

Yes, all your anxiety comes to an end. The new version has ability to run to local development edition of the server without needing a SQL Server. Here, there are features that are offered:

  • SQLite data providers simplified local development experience for all platforms, also OS X and Linux
  • SQLite runs on all node.js versions and platforms requires no external database and it can run on the memory entirely
  • The SQLite provider works without any configuration
  • It is configured to be the default provider, enabling zero configuration local development
  • You can switch over to using a SQL Azure instance without any coding between local development environment and Azure production environment.

Amazing isn’t it? Thus, local development looks pretty much sorted. Although Microsoft team says that they will eventually bring more features for improved local development.

Unit/ Integration Test Suit

  • This version offers you the ability to test your service locally using the Unit Integration Test Suite.
  • The Suite is based on Mocha, Jasmine and another test framework
  • Using SQLite database enables the test to be run with an in-memory provider
  • Before every single test run, database is refreshed with a known good state
  • Allows automated testing through variety of continuous integrated features

There is only one drawback that the test can leave your database in a bad state which can cause failures that are due to the SQL state rather than your database.

Support for AAD groups

Azure Mobile Apps support authentication for social media platforms and plug-ins. The Azure Mobile Apps new version has much to offer in its support for ADD groups, categorically –

  • Supports authentication via FacebookTwitterGoogle+Microsoft and Azure Active Directory
  • Support for Enterprise Mobile Applications
  • Full decoding of the AAD claims which included AAD Group membership
  • Configured AAD to provide groups as a claim available via the getIdentity() call

On-Going Improvement to Documentation

According to the Azure network, there are few improvements to the samples and the API reference where they have said that they will continue with the improvements on the samples and the documentation in order to improvise on the Azure Mobile Apps Server SDK. All the SDKs are open source and thus you can contribute to the community of Azure Mobile Apps Server SDK and be a part of the improvements being made to it.

To see the list of changes:✓&q=is%3Aissue+milestone%3A2.1.0+

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We are excited for Azure Mobile Apps Node.js Server SDK v2.1.0

Our team working these tools has been very excited to work with it. We are still testing its capabilities and look forward to explore them with the project. If you have any queries, you can ask our ASP.NET Development Specialists at Helios Solutions.

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