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Without much ado, quickly run your website through this checklist and ensure that your website is free from any loopholes from all perspectives like functionality, content or if it is meeting the standards of validation!

Web Development Quality Checklist by Helios Solutions

The Content Checklist

The Content Checklist

  • Spelling & Grammar

Starting with the spelling and grammar check! Run it through a grammar checking software or simply hire a proofreader in order to not miss out on any major points. It happens so that when you take a look at something many times, you miss out on the details. So getting a fresh perspective can highlight what you were unable to see. Correct spelling and grammar are necessary as that moulds your impression in front of your users.

  • Highlight Unique Selling Proposition

When you are taking a look at the content, try and read it from user’s perspective, it is important to understand the nitty gritties as they are the end users and their satisfaction matters. So getting their attention is important through the content. You need to ensure that your ‘Unique Selling Proposition’ is highlighted and your content emphasizes on what you are good at, making you stand out from the rest in the competition.

  • Blog Area

The blog is the important part of any business website. It is not always necessary to include a blog but having one is not harmful in any way until and unless you are generating irrelevant content. It is useful from the SEO perspective and helps in keeping you at the top.

  • All Pages

Check if the placement of the content on the pages in complete. See if the right content is placed in the right place. Tally it with your content documents submitted to the web development experts. This way you are sure that things are going in place and your user is not misguided or disappointed in at any level.

  • Check Contact Details

Specify all the contact details clearly. Recheck the address and the numbers that you have placed in the fields. Also, check the email ids and if you have included an info or support id.

The SEO Checklist

The SEO Checklist

  • Selection of Keywords

Make sure you have brainstormed on the selection of the keywords for your website. Taking the right and trending keywords will optimize your web pages for the search engines. So mind you this bit is much important. Check if those keywords are included as a part of Search Engines Optimization task. Using Google Adwords can be useful tool to select the right keywords for your website.

  • Page Titles/ Breadcrumbs

Check all the page titles. As the search engines identify your pages with the help of these page titles and thus if they are inappropriate, the search engines will be unable to track them. Also, ensure that all the bread crumbs are working right. Make sure all the pages have titles and description tags that include the keywords and meta-tags which will be useful for SEO purpose.

  • URLs

The URL is another very important feature from a SEO perspective. The URL should contain a keyword and must be descriptive. See if the demo names are now showing anywhere. As the URL names are important for optimizing your website for the search engines.

  • Image Sizes & Names

Make sure all the images are optimized for the search engines by sizing them for various browser and devices screens i.e. Go Responsive before go Live! Add the alt tags to the images and also make sure the names of the images carry some keywords. This way the images of your website will be optimized for search engines.

  • Content Optimization

When you are checking the SEO quality on your website, you need to be sure that you have incorporated some authoritative content. It is essential in order to really break those rankings on the search engines. We hope you have chose niche topics with unique titles that have interactive content which results in engagement with the audiences / users.

  • Sitemap

A sitemap is another requisite that many web developers do not consider as very important. But from the SEO perspective, it is very important to have a sitemap. Make sure that you have sitemap which is submitted to the Google Webmaster Tools. Doing this will speed up the indexing of all the web pages. Talk to web development experts to incorporate this as a SEO task.

The Website Standards Checklist

The Website Standards Checklist

  • Look & Feel

Check the website look and feel on different devices with different resolutions to ensure that the look and feel is consistent across devices and screens. Check the contrast and the visibility of colors to see if the website looks consistent. This is important from a branding and user experience perspective.

  • Testing & Validation

There is possibility that there are few bugs in the website before you go live, as the bugs can figure even after 6 months of the launch. If you have hired experienced web development specialist then they shall identify these problems with high end testing.

  • Security & Website Certificates

The website security is prime concern. This aspect has to be considered while you are checking the final website. Make sure you have the SSL certificate for your website. Also, a web security is installed along with code optimization for code safety.

  • Responsive Design

Responsive design has become a necessity. Open your website on multiple screen sizes and devices and browsers. See the visibility of all the pages across platforms and see the quality of responsiveness. Being responsive is important for ranking on search engines.

The Functionality Checklist

The Functionality Checklist

  • Page Linking

Wherever you have placed links in the website or there are buttons that are clickable, make sure you check all of them by clicking on each of them. Also, check whether they are taking you to the right page.

  • Brand Logo & Other Logos

It is important that your brand logo is placed as per the plan as your website is the opportunity to brand yourself. Make sure the other logos of the brand you are associated with or if you are using them as payment gateways, then you must include them also.

  • All the Forms

Check all the forms by filling them. This way you are sure that all of them are working. Check all the forms and fields like the contact form, eCommerce forms, payment forms etc. Make sure that all the forms are understandable and are short and easy to fill up.

  • Social Media Gateways

Since social network is very important for branding purposes, it is a must to include the popular ones on the website. Click and check if they are linked to the right company pages. Increase your followers on social media!

  • Cross Platform Compatibility

All the functionalities must work across platforms, so make sure you check them on old and new browsers to check if the website is compatible for optimal viewing across multiple platforms.

We could help you out if this looks much of the task. Let the experts take care of it! Web Development experts will ensure the quality of your website. Get in touch to know if you are on the right track. Also, explore the other services we provide in web development. Collaborate for successful web development projects.

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