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A session of interesting lectures by the speakers will be conducted in 30th and 31st October. The Web is going to be fun event as the topic is fun and wide for a discussion. Workshop is the part of the, the web in conference.

Event Details:


  • From 30th October to 31st October


  • 30th October 2014: 9.00AM to 5.30PM
  • 31st October 2014: 9.00AM to 5.30PM


Kindly check out the link for the exact schedule


  • Brad Frost
  • Andy Clarke
  • Scott Jenson
  • Mr Bingo
  • Keren Elazari
  • David Hieatt
  • Owen Gregaory
  • Benjamin Hollway
  • Robin Christopherson
  • Keir Whitaker
  • Chris Murphy
  • Nathan Ford
  • Seb Lee-Delisle
  • Anna Debenham
  • Phil Hawksworth

Do visit the link to know who the speakers are:-

In workshop, the speakers are going to cover topics on responsive design and CSS3 for responsive design.
Brad Frost will be covering the widest topic in IT that is responsive design which includes the foundation of the responsive design, atomic design, adaptive design, & the responsive patterns.

Andy Clark will be speaking on CSS3 for Responsive Hardboiled Web Design which will include the latest CSS3 modules and more information on the subject like Implement magazine-style layouts using CSS3 Shapes, Improve typography using Multi-column Layout etc.

David Hieatt encourages you to build a brand, something really interesting to learn.

Sherman Theatre
Senghennydd Road

In an honor of celebration of World Wide Web for celebrating its 25th year, some of the wonderful raconteurs and the innovators will be sharing their inspirational experience at Cardiff, UK.

To learn more about this event and registration, please visit,

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