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The OpenExpoDay is an annual event of the Spanish open group source community, which attracts international guests and sponsors. This lively event offers keynote speeches, conferences, workshops, and demos of open source software and solutions.

The principal focus of the open expo day is to spread the interest towards open source and to expand the Typo3 knowledge among the Spanish territory and internationally.

Typo3 will be sharing a booth and organizing workshops with the Spanish members of the Typo3 association. Open expo is dedicated to the software world, where the best E-commerce, CRM, ERP, mobile tools, etc. are presented. The OpenExpoDay comes to the capital to establish itself as the largest open source event in Spain.

The event on June 26th, 2014 in Madrid will bring together 500 participants, 50 speakers, 15 demos and workshops, 10 keynotes and conferences, 6 round table and 4 meet ups. The event will focus on the discussion of numerous tools on free software, to the delight of the open source community, with the participation of Software companies. It is a unique opportunity to approach open source and free software with the great Typo3 experts in the field.
The day will consist of conferences, where contributing companies will discuss their experiences with tools like FireFox, Typo3, Azure, and so on, plus seminars and demonstrations will be conducted on different subjects

Event Details:

  • Event #OpenExpoDay will be held on Thursday, 26th June 2014 in Centro Cultural Eduardo Urculo, from 9 am to 9 pm.

Program in Brief:

  • Keynotes – Typo3, FireFox, OS, Dolibarr, openbravo, Mongo DB, Arduino, jQuery, Chamilo, Microsoft, WBSgo
  • Meet ups: Angular JS, Mobile Hub, WordPress, Drupal
  • Demos and Workshops: Open ERP, CiviCRM, Moodle
  • Roundtables: Free Software, Business Intelligence, E commerce

This event will feature a full range of sessions with an interesting mix of topics for developers and Typo3 experts, with many international speakers presenting their experiences and visions. It will worthwhile to attend the OpenExpoDay.
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