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Before learning about the importance of A/B testing for Web Developers, first of all you need to understand what A/B testing is all about. A/B testing is a method of comparing two versions of a web page or app against each other to determine which one performs better.

A/B testing uses data & statistics to validate new design changes and improve your conversion rate. Being a Web developer, you must remember certain things, the very reason you were hired for and the expenses that were made by the client. Your work has to speak for yourself. If your work is better and the client is satisfied with the results, it becomes easy to rationalize the expenses.

Website Development Specialist

To be more specific, the more you do to measures sites’ conversion rate and work to improve them, the easier it is to prove that return on investment. To justify the expense, you need to prove the value of your work, and show the benefits that can be expected.

As a web developer or web development agency, you can implement On-going A/B testing and conversion rate reporting as well as optimizations in your projects. Following are some easy steps you can use to quantify the value of your work to a client.

Google Analytics:

Being pretty basic, it has its own complications regarding the way its Dashboard works. It only gives you information and doesn’t measure conversions.

If you are working for a client who considerably has an eCommerce site, you’ll need to have analytical results regarding the traffic that was seen by the website.

Most of the users have often seen the (Google Analytics) Dashboard to be filled with more and more information. Try using different tools like Analytical to understand the results in a better manner.

More than Reporting

It is obvious for you to see a constant rise in your conversion rate and reporting about it over a period of time. It certainly is a decent way to handle things. But that is not enough, conversion rate optimization is equally crucial as performance optimization.

While creating a website for a client, you will have to use your former expertise to make the finest of judgments for the site to perform best in every aspect. But again you simply can’t rely upon your past expertise.

This is where A/B testing allows your expertise to fall into right places, and offer the finest of solutions to your audience. Today’s internet is completely fenced by constant tests. Every advertisement you see or any posts on your feeds, is nothing but an element of testing process. Page layouts or even CTA (call to action) messages, color and many others are considered to be winning combinations for you to find on your websites.

Conversion rates are going to have its ups and downs. For that you need to have the appropriate data to explain the reason of  why they are down and you also must have a plan on how to bring them up, back again.

Opt for a Better Strategy

Usually Developers jump into testing with the idea that they will build two or even more versions of a page, switch them out at random and then chose the one that converts the best. But they fail to understand when asked, what really caused the change in conversion rate?

Consider a key path for results which are multiple and similar in nature. Do not make multiple layouts, instead try one thing at a time and bring in the changes that are required immediately. It sounds tedious but using automation process could prove to be useful enough. Effects of minor changes can be really big. Changing few lines in CTA (call to action) or simply changing the color of a button might lead you to a favorable or disappointing result.

There are many ways to bring these changes to life. Services like Visual Website Optimizer that prefers using Javascript to redo the required changes for the test user and necessary rework that is required on your page.

In the end it is about the budget that decides on the solutions for you to offer, the very reason for the tests to be conducted and the traffic you expect .There are services out there which won’t be much of a help for you because they are tailored for sites who has a higher ratio of traffic. Website Development Specialist offer great strategies that you can always opt for, to achieve better results.

Don’t Stop Testing

It is always convenient for anyone to think that running the test for only once will give them the desired results. Of course past results will give you a better idea about the future, but results of past often fade away.

The past data has to be valid enough for future references. Change is the only thing constant and improvements will happen on your website over a course of time, but see to it that those changes shouldn’t affect the achieved results of the past.

With the above given strategies, you will have better results and your client will have much satisfaction and the value of your work will achieve its desired goal.

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