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HTML and CSS are two combinations that make websites functional with its varied features. The release of few important frameworks has made this power duo even smarter. The specialty of these frameworks lies in their availability in the form of templates that can be further customized according to other designer’s needs. Plus, these templates can also be modified to make the design speed faster and accurate. The HTML CSS templates have changed the way designs are created.

Let’s have a look at few of these frameworks:

Gumby Framework:
Gumby Frame-workGumby is created with the power of SAAS, which is a powerful CSS pre-processor. Gumby is available with the latest version of 2.6 and packed with useful features, pre built styles and common interface elements, such as, toggles, drop down, buttons, tabs and few more to add. With this framework the user can easily customize the grid to fit all the designing requirements. Moreover, it can also be adapted to any screen size and resolution.

YAML Framework:
A modular framework designed for truly flexible, accessible and responsive websites. YAML offers a complete set of matched building blocks to create complex websites. Grids, navigations, forms, typography modules, and most of the provided add-ons work seamlessly together. All layout modules are well prepared for HTML5 and CSS3 and make use of them to benefit from the latest web technologies.

Blueprint Framework:
Blueprint provides a solid base to build a given project with nice forms, style sheet for printing, typography, and easy-to-use grid. Some of its important features include typography based on principles that predate the web, print styles for making any page ready for paper, tools, templates, and editors for every step in the workflow, a CSS that eliminates the discrepancies across the browsers, and a solid grid that supports the most complex layout.

52 Framework:
This framework was initiated by evanu network to accelerate the process of  the latest standards in web development.52 framework supports all modern browsers plus provides an easy way to get started with HTML5 and CSS3. With this framework the designers gets, index.html, html.js, reset.css, general.css, grid_demo.html, code.jpg, code.psd, grid.psd, grid.jpg, and so on.

Clank Mobile Framework:
Clank is another significant open source framework for prototyping phone or tablet application. It uses SAAS as the CSS pre-processor, just like Gumby. This framework is known for its fast development for both mobile and tablet devices.

Montagejs Framework:
This is a full stack HTML5 framework that allows creating single page applications faster. It helps to create high quality user-experience and also creates modular architecture for the entire project by using time-tested design patterns and software principles. The framework supports two way data binding between objects, collections, and components thus allows coordinating the state between models and views.

These cool HTML/CSS frameworks are real bonus for web designers.

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