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Angular is a framework by Google and React is the framework by Facebook but yes both the technologies are competing in the current times for high end web application development. Both are JavaScript frameworks where AngularJS is well known for building single page applications on the web. On the other hand, ReactJS come with “view” component in MVC architecture making it a very modern framework.

More or less, both the technologies are on the same page but there are slight differences that make one different from the other. However, both happen to suit a particular kind of technology. The biggest difference is that AngularJS is a framework and React is a library.

AngularJS Experts

Difference between AngularJS and React.JS

Features of AngularJS:

  • Angular Directives
  • Dependency Injection
  • Two Way Data Binding
  • Solid Templating Engine
  • On Board Form Validation


Features of React.JS

  • The Virtual DOM
  • JSX Files
  • Server Side Rendering
  • React Native

How is React.JS Useful?

React, a JavaScript technology by Facebook, is considered to be the most client side solution for web application development today. It offers large lists of items in a single view presentation which makes rendering easier. It offers dynamic content changing within the scope of the view. This makes it very designer friendly.

As we are aware, it is important to be optimized for the faster loading pages, a millisecond delay can lead to bad user experiences. This is the reason that websites are dynamic and constantly changing. React suits data intensive content and so many dynamic applications and website use React.JS as their technology for development.

Moreover, the library for React allows viewing of components of AngularJS and other frameworks. It is flexible and allows a blend for specific technology stack. It is just not compatible with the traditional browsers.

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Brands Using React.JS

  • Airbnb
  • Dropbox
  • Expedia
  • Uber
  • Flipkart
  • HipChat
  • IMDb
  • Instagram
  • Netflix
  • PayPal

How is Angular JS Useful?

Since the release of the latest version of Angular Technology i.e. Angular 2, things are looking much better for web application development for Angular Development Experts. The performance is better and the new and improved features are adding to its popularity. Angular Technology is a product by Google that has revolutionized the web app development process. It is a comprehensive server side client side framework that allows faster development. Also, it offers capabilities to render view very easily. It is a more evolved framework in comparison to React.JS.

Brands Using AngularJS

  • HBO Official Site
  • PS3 Youtube App
  • Nike
  • General Motors
  • Guardian
  • Huffington Post
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Delphix
  • Open Stack
  • iTunes Connect

Still Confused?

Talk to our web development experts and they will help you decide and choose the technology stack for your business idea. It is important to analyze the requirements and then accordingly select the framework and library for development. We, at Helios follow a process that helps our solution architects, web development specialist and project managers to come up with a solutions that suits your business and offers support for long term decisions.


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