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The software industry is abuzz with the news that this year will be an exciting year for .NET development as the community eagerly waits for the .NET Core 2 wave which includes the release of .NET Core 2.0, .NET Standard 2.0 as well as Visual Studio 2017 tooling. Scott Hunter, the Director of Program Management for the .NET Platform, affirms that they have worked internally to get all the APIs working and that we should see the .NET Core 2 Wave begin early this year.

Awaiting the .NET Core 2 Wave to Surf?

What you should expect with .NET in 2017

This year as the .NET Core 2 wave begins, you will get the benefit of extended code sharing capabilities. Further, this version will bring many APIs into agreement that were not there in the previous versions of .NET Core and .NET Standard. However, the new release is targeting the intersection of APIs that is supported by Xamarin and .NET framework. Consequently, ASP.NET specialists will be able to share code between .NET Core, Xamarin, .NET framework by targeting independent reference assembly that is .NET Standard 2.0.

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Great features in Visual Studio 2017

The .NET Core tooling will include Visual Studio 2017 wherein the new .csproj will include the features from project.json as mentioned below:

  •  .csproj is simplified with only a few lines of xml which can be hand edited easily.
  •   Package references are simplified.
  •   Multiple platform targeting.
  •   Listing of files in the project system is no more required.
  •   Package management will be live within the file.
  •   GUIDs are no more required.
  •   IntelliSense

Now let us have a look at the new features that will debut in Visual Studio 2017:

  • .NET Core support without preview.
  •  Light weight installer.
  •  Live unit testing.

Final words

This year seems to be very promising for .NET development and if we want to create an ASP.NET Core application that is cross platform with superior performance get in touch with our team of ASP.NET specialists focused on realizing client satisfaction. We are a Dot Net Web Development Company providing cost-effective solutions that enhance your IT experience.

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