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Cake PHP is a rapid development framework for PHP which uses commonly known design patterns like ActiveRecord, Association Data Mapping, Front controller and MVC. It has released a new Cake PHP maintenance update 3.0.5 recently. Cakephp 3.0.5 You can expect following bug fixes in the new 3.0.5 update:

  • File system libraries are now available as a standalone package through composer.
  • QueryLogger correctly interpolates parameters when there are more than 10 placeholders.
  • DateTime inputs correctly render seconds picker elements. Previously they did not include 00.
  • InstanceConfig Trait deletes nested data correctly now.
  • SQLite fixtures now generate primary key columns correctly in all situations.
  • Property Caching in Entities was made less aggressive. The mutator caches are now completely invalided when any property is changed.
  • Association conditions are no longer used when marshalling existing belongs ToMany records.
  • I18 shell creates separate po file entries for messages with differing contexts.
  • The @ syntax for file updates in HttpClient was deprecated. Instead, you should use resource handles. The @ syntax is unsafe with user supplied data and will be removed in a future version of CakePHP.
  • Blob fields in SQLServer are now hexdecoded before being converted into resource handles.
  • FormerHelper will not default determine pickers to ‘now’ unless the input also has the default => true option supplied. This was done to make it easier to work with nullable DateTime fields.
  • QueryExpressions containing subqueries now correctly wrapped in parenthesis.

 Improvements:   As part of 3.0 patch releases they are experimenting with implementing smaller net new features. The team is trying to deliver new features incrementally. Following were the features added to the new update 3.0.5:

  • Validator:: addNested() and Validator:: addNestedMany() were added. These methods allows to create validators for nested array properties.
  • Collection::unwrap() was added.
  • Folder::copy() now supports a non-recursive mode.
  • Collection::zip() and Collection::zipWith() were added.
  • The _ debuginfo() method was implemented in Form and Validator objects. This improves DebugKit and debug() output.

The community members helped make this release possible by reporting issues and sending pull requests.

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