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Businesses already established or those who are just about to start up, all of them are going through the same confusion of having a responsive website or having a separate mobile application. Then there are adaptive responsive designs that are adding to the confusion.

Responsive or Adaptive Design

To help you resolve this confusion and reach a wise decision, we have elaborated the comprehension of this kind of technology – RESS, being preferred by the businesses globally. For such inputs, it takes someone who has experience in the field of technology or someone with in-depth knowledge of technology, marketing and business development.

Thus, we approached our team of project managers, business development managers and the responsive website team in order to help you understand the RESS development – Responsive Web Design + Server Side Components (RESS)

The RESS Approach

It is different from the responsive web design or adaptive web design. As said earlier, it provides with features that are a combination of both and something extra-ordinary.

RESS combines adaptive layouts with server side component optimization but not for the full page. So a single set of functions of a page template define the entire website across multiple devices. But the key components have device class specific implementations rendered for server side.

How does it help?

  • One code base, one deployment, one URL – All in one!
  • Content Availability at all times
  • Adaptive to future innovations/ changes

It’s Hybrid – RESS Tackles the following

Mobile Optimized Menus

RESS allows redesigning of menus to make navigation on mobile devices different than on desktop computers. To start with, mobile menus are simple examples of an RESS implementation. For mobile visitors, it makes sense to position the menus at the bottom of the page to enable touch based one handed operation easier.

Lighter & Compatible Images

Reducing the weight of images in order to make the website responsive is generally a challenge for developers while working on responsive websites. With the help of RESS, the image payload is reduced which is also its biggest advantage. It is a technique that will significantly reduce the image weight through code and configuration. And the best part is – it is free of maintenance. So you will have a website which is responsive and also adaptive. Unlike the case in responsive designs where the images are sent in different resolution that the original for mobile scalability.

Adaptive Content with Connectivity

We always juggle between the content that we do not wish to send to the users on their mobile devices because may be its not supported, too heavy or doesn’t appeal on a mobile screen. But, with RESS development, it is now possible to swap the video for a static image to save the data resulting in making the website lighter to load.

Advantage of RESS Website – From the Responsive Design Expert

Easier to Navigate:

The navigation structure can be customized for different tasks

Less Page Bloat

You can ignore functions like ‘display none’ or ‘visibility: hidden’ to hide elements for the mobile device. You can simply remove it from the HTML or CSS.

Faster Load Time

You can remove of unnecessary CSS or JavaScript from the HTML and thus optimized based on feature detection.

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Our professional have expert knowledge and skills on technologies like HTML5CSS3Bootstrap 3 and LESS framework 3 that helps creating responsive web design with ease. A team of responsive design specialists help you figure the right kind of solution required for development with RESS. Also it helps in making the most robust website which are compatible and survive for the long term effects. Unlike the traditional techniques there are so many pros and cons. You can expect faster load time and also expect better compatibility across multiple devices.

Moreover, with us you have the benefit of outsourcing responsive design India and thus you get a thought after solution in the prices unbeatable. Fill this form which starts and gets over as soon as you start and our native project managers with get back to you ASAP so that you can go responsive ASAP.

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