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Just every other day, we hear something new about hacking or security breach. Lately, many big names have been on the radar and few scandals followed by them. The confidential information is at risk and so is your business.

This is the reason that is bringing our focus to improving web security. This blog shall highlight factors that will help web development experts to safeguard their code from attackers. Explore with these points from our testing and web security team.

Web Development Experts

Ways to Protect your Code

Stronger Passwords

While the development process, there are many things going on at once. And there are all the possibilities that you may be taking the passwords lightly. And most of the coders, programmers and web development experts are a victim of this. They generally go by passwords like admin, admin1 or admin2. These kinds of passwords make your code vulnerable and they are highly predictable! Choose difficult passwords that are not easy to guess. And avoid admin for Christ sakes! For your code’s stake! In your development roadmap, arrange for some notification that reminds you to change the passwords once you are done with the development. In case you forget, the notification can remind you. Use tools like Todo list to set project notifications.

Single Layer is not ENOUGH

With the increase in the number of hackers and security breaches, it is becoming difficult to protect your code with a single layer technique. Even if you use a strong password, sometimes hackers inject through them also. So it is recommended that your consider implementing multiple layers of security. The hardware options can also be chosen in order to tighten security and create a lock with the help of cryptographic keys. Select the kind of software layers and hardware locks that can get you the best of blend for protecting your coding.

Using Encryption

Yes, most of the web development specialists use encryption technique to safeguard their code. It works well against hacking leaving less scope for any injection. Even if the hacker or attacker enters your system, your system will figure out these breaches and notify. So you can take actions before any data is stolen. The idea behind encryption is converting data into a bunch of numbers for the protection of the data and this combination of numbers makes it difficult for the hackers to breach. And just so you know encryption does not affect your data in anyway. So you can easily encrypt the data before you save the data into the database.

Full Proof Testing

A good high end testing is the key to protecting your code. This ensures that there is no loose end in your solutions which automatically makes your code free from errors rather bugs. High end testing leaves no scope for attackers to breach security. It ensures security of the solution by figuring out all the errors that make testing full proof. Also, testing is not a onetime process, you need to keep upgrading your website in order to keep the security tight. So keep checking your code on regular intervals in order to ensure the level of security requirements.

Stay Updated about Threats

Keep in tune with the latest hacking methods and techniques that hackers are usings. Also, keep learning about various kinds of threats prevailing in the cyber world. Because theses hackers and attackers keep introducing new ways to breach and invent new viruses in order to steal data. Keeping a tab about these aspects will keep you prepared and ensure that you are taking actions for safety of your code accordingly.

Using Delays

The method of brute force is much prevalent among attackers and hackers. This method is indeed picking up and it is also being used against the auto bots. This method basically allows adding more delay which would cause the system to perform slowly or not perform efficiently. The software can prevent hacking to a great extent! Conduct in-depth research to know more about such techniques.

To opt for enhanced security, you need to go through a full proof process of testing. For opinions on how you can go about it, you can talk to our team of experts. They have devised ways to combat security issues. Get in touch with them here:

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