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Mobile AppMobile apps are widely used by smart phone users. App is available almost for every task or function in life and they offer convenience to users. You can find out things you require right from your smartphone without accessing your laptops or desktops. Phones are handy than other internet-enabled devices and you can carry your phone everywhere you go.

 Marketing companies or any online business owner should leverage the use of mobile apps for their own benefits. You can design independent app or create an app as extension of your website.  Developing mobile apps is a simple job these days. Even you can develop power-packed apps without much effort. In this article let us look at the points that will help you to use mobile app for marketing your online or offline business.

Using Free App Builders – Mobile app development can be done by people who do not know any programming language or formal coding.  With the easy availability of free app builder software you do not need to contact any of the app development companies or individuals. You can do it on your own. On the other hand mobile apps are becoming integral part of marketing strategies.  Let us look at some of the app builders and how you can leverage their benefits.

PhoneGap Build is the simplest mobile app builder available in the market. For creating mobile app all you need to do is to upload your website’s code to the site. The code can contain HTML5, CSS and Javascript files. When you click on build button, the site will process your code and your downloadable mobile app will be ready in no time.

The readymade app will be compatible across all smart phone platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows. Steps required to create apps using PhoneGap are as follows –

  • Environment Creation – Before starting check with your Android device to be used for testing and its version.  The whole process will be done on the website so you need to register yourself on the PhoneGap website and create account. There are various plans for creating app and you need to choose suitable one.
  • Create App Files – You will be taken to root directory of your app where some files are already present.  You will find default files such as index.html, config.xml and some .png files. You are required to create icons with image processing program and remember that they are either .jpg or .png format.
  • Configuration – config.xml is the file which stores all app related configuration parameters.  You can modify this file according to your config requirements and change the default setting such as access@original, content@src etc

After doing all the above setting you are ready to build your app and download it on your computer for testing.

Mobile app for WordPress site –  Many people prefer to use WordPress for developing their websites. Now it is easier to convert your WordPress website into a mobile app with WP Touch plugin.  The biggest benefit is that you do not need to compromise on the current design or theme of your website to create a mobile version. WP Touch plugin allows you to send optimized images for your mobile version.  They might be heavy in screen and memory size when used on your website. Optimized CSS makes your mobile version fast to access and download too. This plugin currently supports 21 languages.

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