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Today internet is considered the best source of information. People turn towards the internet, whenever they need info on any new product being launched or when they are about to buy a new product. So, what actually users are looking for is genuine information.

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Until a couple of years back there was a boom in website development with more focus on creating amazing user experience even if it was at the cost of surfing comfort. A website development expert would put in icons to the menu to attract the user and to optimize the website.

However, this strategy does not hold much importance now as users are looking for genuine content that provides them the information that they are looking for. Unnecessary confusion and distractions irk the visitors and they wander off to other sites. Here it is important for the website development specialist to understand that it is time to bring in smarter tools and design strategies to optimize the website and the menu to get SEO benefits rather than putting in icons in the menu.

Nowadays users are an impatient lot. They do not want to wait at a website for too long if it does not show what they like. Therefore, to retain the attention of the visitors, it is imperative for the website development expert to provide good content that makes the visitors stay.

It is not that images or icons are not to be used at all. In fact the website development specialist designing the website must place these images, icons and other visual content in the main page so that it grabs the attention of the user but definitely not in the menu.

Putting icons in the website menu should also be avoided for the reason that often users tend to click at wrong items. Since it could be confusing using the icons rather than the text, clicking on the wrong menu item is natural. If the user is unable to get to the right menu item after trying two or three times, there are chances that he or she might lose concentration and wander off to a new website.

The new focus today is on speed and performance. Website development experts are using clean menus to retain the attention of the users. Keeping in tandem with these websites, webmasters should ensure that their websites are as clean as they can be because this would ensure better traffic, increased revenue and better credibility in the cyber world.

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