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Bridging the Cultural & Communication Gap

The Typo3 association and the Neos team have started negotiations about separating the Neos project from the Typo3 association. Neos originally intended as the successor Typo3 CMS; it has continuously developed since then and is attracting a number of users and contributors. typo3-neos

Since then the process led to understanding that Typo3 CMS and Neos are two distinct products. Honouring this diversity, the Typo3 association, Typo3 team and the Neos team have come to believe that separating the project on an organisational level will help the Neos project to be able to focus on its own product strategy and an infrastructure that will be dedicated to its own needs and opportunities.

The Typo3 association and the Neos team are both discussing the details about the transition period. As the Typo3 association wants to further develop into a more democratic and transparent organisation, it soon will asking its members to vote on how much support the association should give the Neos team during the transition period and beyond.

Transitioning Neos into its own legal and technical infrastructure is planned as a cooperative process to avoid friction and waste of resources. The Typo3 team and the Neos team believe that both communities will continue in areas of shared technology and through friendships they have developed over the years.

Work on Neos and its underlying PHP framework Flow started in 2006. Now, with the separation they are confident that the separation will strengthen both Neos and Typo3 and are looking forward to see each one of the communities prosper.

Some things happen almost without notice – as the planned separation between the typo3 association and Neos team. The reasons are to seek in the organisation of the two projects, as in the official announcements is. Never the less they are sure enough that both the projects will benefit from the impending split.

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