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Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.2 has been released with a lot of highly advanced capabilities and superb functionality. This Enterprise Edition can be downloaded without any charge to accelerate the ecommerce business over the web.

This edition of Magento powers the e-commerce websites and makes the business recognized globally by accelerating its growth, popularity and ROI. Enterprise-Edition-1.14.2 Here is a list of some new features introduced in this version: The visual merchandiser with category sorting rules:

  • There is new automated product category that has got capabilities of making the merchandising quicker by highlighting the best products, the highest sold products or the top rate products.
  • The rule also enables merchants to keep the lowest stock items at the top of the category.
  • They can also choose a particular color into a category to implement color groupings.
  • The category gets adjusted on its own when the products are added or removed.

Google tag manager:

  • This enables merchants to add tags which allow them to track a lot of things for audience measurement, search engine marketing and personalization on Magento website without changing the code.
  • It also enables quicker time to market and accurate data collection for stronger campaigns and better results.
  • It can transfer the shopping activities tot eh Google analytics and other tools to check how well the promotions are working.

Other updates include:

  • Modification to full page caching
  • Integration
  • Latest version of Zend 1 framework
  • Quality enhancements

Magento Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) for iOS:

  • With this Software development kit developers can create an ecommerce iOS application with all the features that an online store needs like customer accounts, store credits, promotions and check out process, etc.
  • It reduces the development time as well as cost for making customized iOS applications.
  • It helps merchants to learn how to use the SDK.
  • Merchants can customize the sample application to speed up their business.

Other useful additions are:

  • Automated functional testing framework
  • New relic partnership
  • Lagrange systems partnership

The competition in the commerce world is increasing day by day and therefore the prerequisite is to opt for a leading ecommerce platform, and hence the Magento enterprise Edition 1.14.2 emerges as a complete solution.

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