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As mankind evolved, every task that needed a human to put in efforts was optimised. One out of those task was shopping. Getting out in the sun, driving or taking a bus to the market and then going through the display shelves of the shop to find what one was looking for. The complete process obviously was very time-consuming. After the onset of the computer and smartphone age, the idea was to fit the complete shopping experience at the end of fingertips.

Thus evolved eCommerce.

The idea of selling or buying items through electronic medium can be dated back to 1991 when the internet was opened to commercial use. But it took a long-long time for this idea to gradually develop and reach a stage where it was easily accessible to the common people.

But once that stage was attained, eCommerce had a steep progress slope and is still progressing at a pretty impressive pace.

At present, eCommerce has reached a stage where one can easily replenish items of daily usage by just a single click. This is just a start of all the comforts that eCommerce is set out to offer.

Retailers today, are trying to take their businesses to another level by setting up webshops for attracting customers and expanding their sale range.

There are 5 technologies that will help eCommerce to slowly take over retail shops completely in future:

  1. Internet of Things
  2. Augmented Reality
  3. Virtual Reality
  4. Artificial Intelligence
  5. Blockchain

These 5 technologies have been empowering several fields like entertainment, medical, industrial, manufacturing, and many more, with improvised experience. The world of eCommerce is opened up to a vast array of functionalities, making users’ shopping experience seamless and facilitate the sellers with an improvised business managing and marketing methods.

Here is an infographic that gives an idea of what these above-mentioned 5 technologies are capable of in the field of eCommerce.

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