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Sometimes while bringing accuracy and investing efforts to make your website perform best to rank up the Google search results, you neglect the importance of essential aspects of online business and end up losing the most prospective customers. Here we have summed up a few common mistakes that you can learn to avoid to give your webstore the best chance to accomplish desired sales target.


Inconsistent structure and feel

If you haven’t decided to go with a specific form, structure or color of navigations and options tabs, you will come to a big loss of customers. Stick to the basics of your website system and avoid complicating it with temptations. Standard style templates throughout the web pages, ease of navigation made through concise phrases and unified design approach can result into consistent structure and feel. Consistent user experience ensured through proper functionality and flawless flow (switching from one page to another) is the key to adding good sales figures.

Congested space of web pages

Too many links and options hovering by the main attraction of the website may confuse the viewers sending them to no-buy zone. Given its true potential, it might make a lot sense both to users and owners to try to optimize the space of the website to make it work in the favors of the visitors. This way you will grab the complete attention and loyal interest from your curious buyers who have come to your website to seek precise specification about your product and indulge in dedicated shopping.

Gender-specific products

If the products you have displayed on the e-commerce websites are subject to gender changes, you have to focus extra on how it is going to turn out to be in the end. Having two different categories for men and women is great; however, if you still think that unisex products can save you from further bother, you can do it by selecting different colors, shapes and sizes. Make an effort to send clear idea to your viewers by encouraging proper descriptions, images and features to eliminate any doubt.

Ignorance of sales-driving keywords

Some keywords are destined to invite abundant traffic, but fail somehow to attract the most prospective ones who are there on your platform to buy most of what you offer. Try to integrate the kind of keywords that are smart and magnetic enough to drive them to vivid product description and prompt them to give it a go. Here is where in-depth research and analysis can come to your rescue and make you win the business battle in e-commerce arena.

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