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A website owner should design their website in such a way that, visitors feel comfortable while using it. Basically a website should have an easy user interface, and it shouldn’t be stuffed with too many annoying elements, this makes the user annoyed and uncomfortable. Well, if you want to keep your website out of annoying elements, you must work towards determining the annoying elements of the website?


For a newbie it is extremely important to determine the elements required for a website, by carefully considering user experience. Some people who have been blogging for years and own a website also fail to customize their website to the highest level. Hence, with regard to that, I will share some important points about the unnecessary elements of the website. These few points will make the blog optimized with  user experience.

Points to Note about Annoying Elements of a Website:

Avoiding to clutter the website with unnecessary element will only make the website face great problems in the future which may lead to loss of organic traffic. These low traffic will certainly affect your blog or website, resulting in less amount of subscribers. Well on that note, below are few points that will help you to know about what should go and what should not while getting the website together.

  • First of all, never enable pop-up ads, this will only confuse the new visitors. These visitors are not aware about these pop-up ads being safe if clicked. This will make them think that the website is unsafe or contains spam. Besides, It also distracts the users.

  • Secondly, don’t enable multimedia content to play automatically, when a multimedia content plays automatically the internet will charge for more data. And, users don’t want to spend their internet data on the video which they don’t want to see.

  • Thirdly, contact information, if you want users to contact you through your website, then don’t make your contact registration complicated. There are some websites that has long contact us form. Users don’t want to waste their time filling up all the contact us form, just to contact you. That’s why it is highly recommended to make simple and easy.

  • Fourthly, Make sure not to enable floating ads or social media icons. These ads only distract the users form the important information that made them land on your website.

  • Last but not least, I have seen many websites and blogs owners like to display pop up email subscribing form. But the users never knew this thing is as annoying as pop-up ads. If users find your website or blog good, they will certainly subscribe, you don’t need to force them to subscribe by showing them a pop-up form on the homepage of your site.

A single bad impression can lead to big problem for your website. Hence, it is suggested to avoid  elements that distract the users of your website. For a professional and clean looking site, it is vital to remove all the unnecessary clutter included in the website.

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