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Mobile market is running parallel with the main market and its revenues are expected to grow twice faster in the span of next 5 years. This is the prediction from ABI research. The prediction also says that it can reach to $340 billion. Additional smart phone features such as voice messaging, mobile broadband and enterprise apps will contribute to this revenue lift.

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The market growth is ideal to tap for mobile operators, small IT companies and device makers.

According to the reports smart phones users have recorded 90% growth in US and Europe. Other parts of the world are expected to join the smart phone revolution in near future. This will also add more to revenue growth.

As per suggestions from experts in the field, mobile operators should pre-load some app in the device when it is ready to launch in market.  These pre-loaded features could include security features and some most required apps such as word processing, slide creator etc. This will give additional advantage to its buyers. Small business owners can start using the device right away and put it to use in business function.  Experts also say that mobile platform suppliers can do collaboration and provide better service to their customers. If this collaboration works out then apps might not need platforms specific settings any more.

The conclusion of this article is to awaken all the stakeholders of mobile market towards the prospective growth in near future. Each sector of the market should leverage the growth indicators for their own advantage and progress.

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