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Since the evolution of mobile technology, it has become a must to have a Responsive Website. More so now, than ever before, the business owners should consider designing and developing for mobile users. This has become a necessity and it will continue to grow.

Responsive Design Expert

Here are few guidelines to follow while considering designing and developing for mobile devices:

Prioritize the content and features:

Due to small screens and lack of real estate it is vital to decide the ideal amount of content to be shown on the mobile version of the website. The mobile website should be quick to load and focused enough to keep the visitors coming back.

Keep the layout simple:

Create a framework that is simple for the content and avoid horizontal scrolling by adopting a single column layout that performs well on mobile phones with both small and large screens.

Option to view the full site:

A mobile site night not replicate the functions and content of the desktop site, hence it is vital to include a link in the mobile version that will allow the users to switch back to the desktop site.

Take benefit of mobile specific features:

Many mobiles and smartphones come with built-in functionality that enables the users to perform actions automatically, like GPS mapping, scanning QR code, or click to call functionality.

Optimize the navigation:

It is crucial to keep the navigation short and simple. Do not confuse the users instead allow them to move freely across the site. Avoid using desktop navigation, unless it is appropriate for a certain device.

Minimize the action path:

Use buttons that can be clicked easily for the mobile site. Reduce user text entry, change the font and background color of the selected links and buttons.

Following the above mentioned guidelines will help make things easier while designing for a mobile site.

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