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A website is a powerful marketing tool that allows users and prospect clients to browse and explore its products or services. Effective website design is something that encourages visitors to engage themselves with the organization through its website. And if the website is not designed to provide exceptional user experience, it would result in low conversion rates and losing traffic to the competitors.

UX Design Optimization

Few stats, that proves the importance of UX design optimization:

  • About 68% of the visitors leave the site due to poor user-centric web design
  • 97% of the sites fail due to having a bad UX designs
  • A site that does not work well on mobile, gives an indication that the organization does not care much about its users, 48% of the users believe this
  • 44% of the users tell a friend about the bad experience they might have with a website’s UX

The moment a user visits a website, it engages into a user experience. Therefore, the quality of that experience influences the time users spend on the site. Hence, leveraging great user experience gives fair chances to leg up on the competition.


Following rules for user-centered web design that will keep visitors on the site:

  • It needs to be natural and intuitive
  • Operations should be kept consistent throughout to ensure great user experience
  • By following principles like creation of working prototypes, scientifically measurable UX results can be achieved
  • UX design is about improving the life of users and customer life-cycle
  • Improves the ease of use and learning for the users
  • Increases audience size and number of return visitors
  • Increases transaction and product sales

Benefits of a good User experience:

  • The usability of a website is improved
  • Reduction in the number of errors
  • Rise in the number of return visitors
  • Cost reduction
  • Increased sales in the product
  • Enhances business reviews and attracts visitors

The quality of the user experience is one of the main determinants of the success or failure of a particular website.

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