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With businesses trying to achieve growth through studying the behavioral practices of their respective target audiences, the popularity of location based systems are taking leaps in the sea. The market is observing a rising need to access information in mobile environments. In today’s time, consumers use mobile phones to not just make calls or text, the use has much more to it. There is more to it, masses use phone to be socially active. They update where they go, what they eat or where they shop through location based mobile networks on these social networking platforms. This gives a lot of information on their preferences and behavior.

mobile location

To support such services, mobile Information systems rely on location-aware management mechanisms.

Let us first understand the concept of Location Based Services!

A location-based service is a software application for an IP capable mobile device that requires knowledge about where the mobile device is located. They can be query based to provide the end user with useful information. For instance: “Where is the nearest ATM?” Also, they can be push-based features where it pops a notification or deliver coupons, messages to customers who are in a specific geographical area.

The management mechanism includes location aware caching, data dissemination or pre-fetching and is still evolving with the passage of time. It has its drawbacks as it is only useful if the information accessed is location-dependent which means that the piece of information accessed is depended on user’s location. Here, the efficiency is crucial because there is no metric to measure the location dependency of information in its management mechanism until now.

In order to have a worthwhile reading this blog, we are going to better your comprehension to select this application for your business by explaining you a few benefits-

So what do you get?

Real-Time Communication

With the help of this interesting mobile application, service providers can keep up with their customers on the go. You can have communication in real time by making the most of their current location. Once the customer opts for a location based program, you can send immediate text messages or notifications in order to stay connected with them. It increases the rate of conversion or call to actions. Ask a mobile application specialist for the features that avail you with such functionality and enhance your services.

Attraction through Discounts & Offers

This service lets you declare your deals and offers to customers while they are around you. For instance, your customer passes by your store that has opted for location based services; you can send a notification to him/her about the on-going offers and let them benefit from it. This becomes an opportunity for any customer based service. This technology thus links the online surfing with offline visits.

For Instance:

Real Estate Marketing – Alerts property buyers in the immediate vicinity that meet their specifications.

Discounts and Coupons – Send alerts/ notification within the geographic radius by tracking the opted location of the customer while they shopping, eating etc.

Keeping A tab – You can keep a track of your children, teens or old aged members where alerts help in tracking their location and activities.

Sharing is Caring

This may be one of the prime factors for social networking sites where people share and discover each other’s activities, routines, travel, lifestyle etc. This kind of application helps in making updates through check-ins that highlights your existence. This becomes something to share and people discover new places, eateries, shopping areas etc. through such updates. This update allows a person to click on the check-in link and know more about the venue.

For instance:

Your friend checks-in at a new restaurant downtown. You are not really aware of this new place, you might want to know the ratings or would like to see the ambience. This link can avail you with all the information required about the restaurant and plan your visit accordingly.

Make the Most of Recommendations

Through such mobile application development, businesses can study the buyer’s behavior and preferences which allows bettering quality of services. It also enables with ideas to marketing where they customized suggestions for each customer depending upon their preferences and behavior. You have been sending those mailers and recommendations to customers by studying their buying behavior but now based on their location preference, you get a better insight about their whereabouts and use the same to enhance your services thereby affecting your sales.

For Instance:

If you are a business owning chain of apparel stores across the country. Your customer checks-in his/ her visit in a new city where you have your store; you can then suggest the on-going offers, deals or discounts for that particular store.

Generate Re-Call Value

This services aids in generating a recall value amongst your customer base. They feel special when they receive such updates and have options to weigh while they are around you. Here, you build your image as a brand that takes care of their customers and helps in enabling a better experience with the brand. It leaves an impression on their minds where the notifications acts like a reminder of you every now and then. In addition, adding points or rewards on using the deals within certain hours etc. can make their experience even more exciting, it can add to the fun while choosing your services.

Click on the below given link to read a report on percentage of mobile subscribers in European countries using location based services in 2014 and the expectations by 2017. Until 2013, UK was ranked first in the same context. A report by

We hope that this read was convincing enough to understand the benefits for opting for such application in your online business. We wish to help you make the right decisions for your business by giving you information on the latest in technology that can help you in enhancing user experience. We will always be writing such blogs in order to educate you.

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Keep tuned into our blogs for more such interesting reads. Comment in case you have any queries or suggestions, we will be pleased to help you. You can also follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook where you will find interesting posts.

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