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It would be really disorienting to walk into a store that doesn’t clearly display what it does and what it’s for. An online store must clearly communicate in one short glance about where the users are, what they can do at the site, and what the business does. The users without this knowledge won’t be able to do much when they visit the site.

Below mention points will help the users identify the ecommerce store:

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Company Name/Logo:

The logo does not necessarily have to be big, but prominent enough for the users to notice it. It is should properly placed on the upper-left side of the page, people usually expect it to be there. The logo of the site should not conflict with the website design.

A Tagline That Briefly Explains the Brand:

Have a tagline that is brief, simple and to the point. Vague taglines will only confuse the users and make them mistrust the site. Taglines might not need to summarize the brand if the company name explains what it does.


Home Page Should Be Digestible In 5 Seconds:

Home page should not be cluttered with all the information. Designing the home page with relevant and basic information about the company will help users get the basic idea. The users need to get the basic gist of the homepage in about 5 seconds. People don’t tend to read the whole website from top to bottom; they start reading whatever pops up and move on to the next thing that catches their interest.

Clear Path To Company’s Information:

Every ecommerce site would need a proper “About us” page for the users to know the history about the company, and whether its’ credible. Include a home page link to an “About us” section that gives an overview of the company’s profile to the users. Providing information about eh postal code and what the company does will have the users trust the company and know that it is genuine.

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