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wsNearly half of the population use mobile device s primary device to access the internet. This means, websites that are not mobile-friendly will lose half of their audience. Therefore, it has become mandatory to have a mobile-friendly website to not lose prospect customers. However, the bottom line is to pursue a well-rounded approach and provide an amazing user experience.

Here are few tips to create a mobile-friendly website:

Mobile Friendly

Make sure not to stuff all the information in the mobile site that will only make the site look ugly and load slow. Instead, include a link to the desktop version of the site for the visitors who need to grab more information and dig deeper into the content of the website. Include only important information on the mobile site like, phone numbers, address, and maps that the users can sue on the go.

Avoid heavy graphics:

Most mobile browsers don’t support Flash; hence it would be a bad idea to include Flash based videos, also avoid too heavy images that would make the site load slower. Use simple images to improve the look and feel of the mobile site and make sure that the image automatically resizes itself to fit the mobile screen size.

Touch is the new click:

Touch has taken over typing as we all know, with the drastic evolution of touch based smartphones and tablets. Hence it is important to design a site that is touch-friendly. Use drop-down menus, check boxes, and pre-populated fields wherever possible so that it becomes easier for the visitors to navigate through the site and input information easily.

Built for every device:

Remember to consider designing for all major devices. The mobile design is required to work flawlessly on all the screen sizes, on various mobile platforms and operating systems. Using device detection is recommended to determine what the end user uses and design an appropriate version depending on it.

Consider the above mentioned points while designing a Mobile Friendly Website.


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