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Yes, of course! PHP is quite relevant now and would remain the same for many more years to come. From being Personal Home Page to the recursive acronym PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, PHP has essentially witnessed a paradigm shift, especially with the release of PHP 7.

PHP 7 is the true game changer for this server-side technology for it has revolutionized the way we deliver applications that power your websites, mobile and enterprises.

Actually, it is the innovations and performance enhancements introduced with PHP 7 that makes us, as a PHP web development company, so confident about the fact that this programming language is here to stay!

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Key advantages of PHP

Open Source

One of the most important factors that contribute to the popularity of PHP is that it is free in all respects. And the significant force behind the success of any open source technology is the large community of developers dedicated towards bringing new enhancements and positive changes to the technology.

This allows PHP enthusiasts to learn faster and implement the advanced solutions as soon as they are created.

Furthermore, unlike many other technologies, PHP has its own support which leads to the creation of new frameworks, components and other tools that make this programming language even better.

No wonder, large number of websites on the World Wide Web breathes on PHP! Let the numbers speak for themselves:

Lower load Time

In PHP both loading and workload time are reduced because it uses its own memory. Consequently, the processing speed is rather high which not only benefits the developers but also to the clients whose products get delivered sooner.

Highly Scalable

While you develop your business website, scalability is a quality that you are definitely looking for. This is because, should your business grow, you would want your website to scale and handle the increasing traffic.

PHP enables your website to easily extend by adding more servers to handle the spike in the number of users. Besides, all the main browsers support PHP and hence scalability is not an issue.


Many people are skeptical that PHP is not secure because it is open source. However, the truth is that the vulnerability is not created by the language itself but rather how it is used.

To be more precise, the security of an application depends on the expertise of the developer building it and the practices followed during development.

Therefore, it is essential to perform software testing of each project in order to avoid security breaches.

Cost Effective

Being open source, this technology doesn’t incur expenses in terms of license or royalty fees. Therefore, when you invest in PHP web development the cost automatically comes down.

Furthermore, PHP being quick to execute would enable you to enter a new app market faster thus providing higher efficiency and competitive advantage to your business.

Besides, by collaborating with our PHP development team at Helios, you can make the most of our competence and experience to take your business to the next level.

Custom Development

PHP is considered one of the best technologies for developing custom websites. With custom PHP application development you can rest assured that your website or web app is completely aligned to your business needs.

Moreover, you can also integrate JavaScript front end technologies with PHP web development to build an appealing, highly-functional and interactive website.

Gear up for the most substantial shift with PHP 7

As we have already mentioned, PHP 7 brought phenomenal performance improvements, significant reduction in memory consumption and brand-new features in abundance.

Therefore, we have been extolling the importance of running your website on an upgraded version of PHP. Do visit this link to know what’s new and advantageous in PHP 7.

Besides, we have discussed about the amazing features of PHP 7, which is based on the PHPNG project (PHP Next-Gen), in that same post.

Since its release PHP 7 has garnered considerable attention owing to its pronounced performance improvements, thanks to the new Zend engine used internally by PHP as a compiler and runtime engine.

Your apps currently running on PHP 5.6 would show 2x faster performance and 50 percent reduction in memory consumption once you upgrade them to PHP 7.

The performance gain could, however, vary between 25 to 70 percent on your real-world apps; all you have to do is just upgrade to PHP 7 without having to go through the hassle of changing the code.

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Why do we think PHP is relevant in 2018?

Many people say that if Facebook would have been built today, the tech giant would not have used PHP, for sure! But we don’t see it that way. We consider PHP an evergreen technology because:

  • it is simple and easy to learn;
  • comprises of many useful libraries;
  • features rich documentation;
  • possesses a huge community of smart developers; and
  • the latest version, PHP 7 is designed and refactored to meet with today’s workloads.


Based on the points discussed above, we would like to conclude that it is indeed relevant to use PHP for web development in 2018 and this technology is not going to fade away in the years to come.

This is because PHP 7 has redefined flexibility and nativity with faster performance and cool new features like the Spaceship Operator, scalar type declarations, anonymous classes, and more.

Are you ready to take advantage of the innovations and performance enhancements for your upcoming project? Please be the first to drop down your thoughts in the comments below.

You can also get in touch with our PHP experts to discuss your business idea or hire dedicated PHP developer for your project needs.


  1. Yes it is true that PHP is affordable.

    But why stick on PHP in 2018, as list of js platforms like Node.js is available with better performance than PHP.

  2. We all know that a large number of websites breathes on PHP. Your blog is very nice… Thanks for sharing your information with us.

  3. Informative and interesting Blog! Beautifully written, as usual, I like the post. Thank you so much for the nice sharing with us. Keep posting!

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