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There could be various reasons; the e-merchants would be deciding for the migration from VirtueMart to PrestaShop. Below mentioned are some of the reasons:

  • VirtueMart is beneficial in many ways; it has huge number of extensions, it has advanced SEO tools, etc.
  • It is a plugin for Joomla! CMS. The demands of middle and large scale businesses may not be met.
  • In addition, VirtueMart is not supported officially
  • VirtueMart has its own limitations which may force the e-merchants to move ahead. It is not a perfect platform.
  • PrestaShop has a better product, inventory and client-management.
  • PrestaShop is free open source e-Commerce solution with large number of modules, add-ons, helpful support and rich features

Prestashop Development Company

Below is the e-commerce statistics that shows the number of entrepreneurs migrating from VirtueMart to PrestaShop:

  • Transmission of comments related to the products is near about 74% and that also the conversation is face to face.
  • Global e-commerce sales growth per year is about 19%
  • The age group from 35-44 have shopped online from the 73% of the online users.

VirtueMart and PrestaShop both the shopping carts are beneficial:

  • For buying the plug-ins and add-on at a discount, VirtueMart offer coupons/vouchers while the PrestaShop benefits in newsletter subscription offers, loyalty program etc.
  • For the adaption of latest trend of mobile commerce, paid support is offered by PrestaShop Development, while, the VirtueMart offers paid and free responsive themes with Joomla which can be customized.
  • VirtueMart has SEO Plug-Ins and Add-ons, while using PrestaShop sitemap generation, Meta Data are automated.
  • VirtueMart is easy to handle with Joomla wherelse, for better output, PrestaShop needs the help of a programmer.

Following are the ways to migrate with Cart2Cart:

  • Firstly, an account needs to be registered.
  • We need to select VirtueMart as a Source Cart
  • PrestaShop needs to be selected as a Target Cart
  • Selection of articles should be done, which needs to be moved.
  • The currencies should be matched.
  • After the currencies, match the status of the Order.
  • The demo migration needs to be started.
  • After the demo, perform the full migration.

If there is usage of multiple shopping carts, we need to go for PrestaShop, whereas, for small scale and medium scale businesses, VirtueMart is suitable as cost and time of web development is reduced.

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