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Gone are the days when websites were static. It has now come down to all dynamic web presence leading to elating importance of Front End Development.

The scope of Front End Development has gradually evolved and it is playing a major role for Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence Technology, Website Development, Mobile App Development and many more verticals of the IT industry.

The Front End majorly comprises of two main technologies – one for the language i.e. HTML – Hyper Text MarkUp Language and one for styling i.e. CSS – Cascading Styling Sheets. Web development experts mainly use these technologies for Front End Development.

Explore the Frameworks that can help Front End Development Experts to optimize their development process:

1. Mobi.CSS

It is a lightweight CSS framework that offers flexibility and focuses on mobile. It uses flexbox and requires 10 lines of custom style in the Homepage.

2. HackCSS

Known for its simplicity, HackCSS offers markdown code and styling for Front End development. Many Front Development Specialists use this front end development.

3. UseWing

It requires a web developer to wind up the front end development process in the most minimalistic ways. You can use this framework for small and medium development projects. It is fully featured Bootstrap Foundation. It offers basic styling elements for Front End Development.

4. Pavallion

It is a simple framework that prepares you for the future. It offers common UI elements and a grid. You can build complex layouts with flexbox which is positioning as per your requirements.

5. BlazeCSS

It is an open source CSS framework that is comprehensive for any web development project. It provides with components that give great structure and designed to speed up the learning curve and intuitive naming conventions. It follows the BEM and Inverted Triangle conventions to give context to selections.

6. Spectre.css

It is responsive open source CSS framework for Front End Development. It is a very lightweight and modern framework in nature. It offers a mobile friendly layout with effectively designed elements. It is built with useful components and utilities. It also comes with responsive email templates.

7.  ALUX

It is quite popular framework for Responsive Web Projects. It is a lightweight HTML, CSS and JS framework. It is known for its speed in building rich and robust front end. It is built with HTML/ CSS and pure JavaScript where it is free from dependencies and has no jQuery with a wide range of features like grids, sliders, menus, animations, typography, forums and buttons and many more features.

8.  Basis

It is a responsive CSS framework which is based on flexible box. It comes with clean code development where the basis classes have a prefix. The code style is BEM using Sass. You can use for CSS and  Sass library. It is a mobile first framework which is simple and offers same height box, reverse grid and equal spacing layout.

9.  Milligram

It is popular as a UI framework that provides a minimal setup of styles for a fast development. It also offers clean code in development. It is designed for better performance and high productivity with very few properties.

10. Scooter

Scooter framework is a SCSS framework and UI library for Dropbox web that enables Front End development and its styling. It offers components, base styles, objects, utilities and much more. It is built by Dropbox.

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