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Until the last decade, businesses were working towards building their online presence on the web. The needs of online presence were then limited to desktop screens. But since the mobile first generation, it is becoming necessary for businesses and enterprises to reach out to the audience on the mobile devices like tablet and SmartPhones.

More users are now browsing the Internet on their mobile devices. The technology industry is making efforts towards creating mobile experiences better meeting the need of mobile view. But the needs of developing a mobile viewing experience can depend from business to business and their target audience. So the question arises whether it is sufficient to have a mobile friendly website or have a mobile app or probably have both? To resolve this confusion, we have written this article for helping you decide.

Responsive Website Development Experts

Mobile website and apps can look same at the first go but which goes with which business type is a little tricky decision to make and needs experts advice, but with this read you shall get some clarity in terms of what it is about and what each option can do for your business.

A Responsive Website

Listen folks, if your website is not mobile friendly then you are lagging behind. In the current times, having a mobile friendly website has become a necessity. It is not only about offering user friendly experiences but also being optimized for the search engines. When you go responsive, your website is ready for optimal viewing across browsers, devices and their screen sizes.

The biggest search engine Google defined the new standards where being mobile friendly is important to be optimized on the search engine. Today, every website being developed by web development experts is mobile friendly. It is important to ensure that your website is mobile friendly.

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A Mobile App

First and Foremost, getting a mobile app download is a challenging task but when you build a mobile app with a strategy, you can achieve your targets. But if you are B2C business/ brand, then having a mobile app could be good consideration. Building a mobile app avails your customers with your services at all times where you can offer them very customized and personalized services.

You are at their disposal at all times. It acts like a direct marketing channel and allows you to offer better user experiences. It works best for eCommerce businesses. With the help of the mobile app, you can provide value to your customers and drives interaction and engagement among customers/ users. It helps you in building your brand and increasing customer loyalty resulting in standing in competition.

Responsive Website & Mobile App

Our team of mobile development specialists and project managers recommend having a responsive website even if you have a mobile app. It is considering the audiences who view your website on the mobile and do not use your mobile app. It is important to comprehend the understanding of both the parties.

Being responsive is a necessity, not an option. It prepares your online brand presence for any situation i.e. browser, screen or device. And having a mobile application drives customer engagement and improves customer relationship.

Primary Factors to Consider:

  • Target Audience
  • Budget & Long Term Revenue
  • Required Features

“Your Selection Depends on Business Goals & Target Audience”

We understand making the choice can be difficult, but you need to keep your business goals as the priority and then come to a final decision. You can talk to our mobile development experts and web development specialists to understand what can suit your business type. They shall study your business goals and its requirements and accordingly recommend a solution.

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