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In the ever evolving realm of technology, being constantly up-to-date is the only option to stay relevant and inspiring! Hence, every year, new trends brew in the web design industry. Some take a deep root and give your website a serious facelift while others fade away with the passage of time. Being a web design and development company, we would like to look at some design innovations that enable us to move forward in the path of customization, personalization and creating unique user experiences.

Top 3 Web Design Trends that will Inspire 2017 and Beyond

1) AI-powered bots and conversational interfaces

Although bots are unlikely to have a big impact on web design in terms of visuals but they will notably influence the thinking of designers about website creation. You must be ready to invest in AI technology and building the data sets in order to ensure that your website outperforms the competition. The first generation of bots could not live up to the hype as they failed to answer basic questions if users went slightly off-script and even misunderstood slang at times. Now, the bots being AI-powered would be more realistic and complex; enabling you to automate communication and sales. Get in touch with our team of web design consultants to create conversational interfaces for your website and let your customers explore a different facet of your brand personality – the approachable and human side.

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2) VR and 360-degree Video

This year we will get to see VR and 360-degree video make a significant impact into web design and create exceptional interactive experience. Even though, the gadget world was abuzz with exciting announcements of virtual reality in the previous year, it couldn’t bleed into web design space as yet. Google pioneered this movement with Daydream VR headset and made us ponder about bringing VR into mainstream. Other brands including Microsoft, HTC, and Playstation have also joined the bandwagon which reinforces our expectation of seeing this technology disrupting web designing trends and taking customer experience and expectations to higher level.

3) Immersive Storytelling

Our team of UX design experts believes that this trend is not to go anywhere for long and you need to invest in web design that focuses on creating rich user experiences. The immersive storytelling calls for a whole array of interactive elements like 360-degree photos and video, VR content. This trend will not only enable you to capture the experiences of your audience from a new perspective but also open up new possibilities for your business. Contact us to meet your customers’ expectations, deliver tailored experiences and maintain a long-term sustainable competitive advantage.

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  1. That’s definitely an interesting statistic about the number of mobile users and I’d love to know more about what you’ve discovered. I completely agree with your comment on micro-interactions too. This is something I’ve written about in the past and I believe these will play an increasingly important role within interactive design, especially on mobile and smaller screened devices where users require constant feedback with limited screen space.

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