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Smart Homes are becoming a mainstream concept worldwide! The growing trend of ‘Smart Homes’ is witnessing brilliant technological innovations. The new trends in Home Automation are an indication towards much improved ‘Smart Homes’ in the coming times. These innovations in the field of Home Automation Technology has surpassed the simple button system to secure your home becoming even more powerful  by availing you with the power to observe, control and secure your home from anywhere.

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Traditional systems were specifically design to work with limited connectivity and the users were thus limited to control systems within a given range. With the advent of Smart Phones, the users can now be have ‘Smart Homes’ and control their homes from through mobile phones from anywhere.

5 Innovative Trends in Smart Home Technology

Wireless/ Contactless Control

Having remote controls for every gadget you have is an outdated idea. If you are tech savvy, then you must know that now you cannot just conduct contactless transactions but also control your home through a wireless medium. Home automation innovations is giving you control myriad devices with touch sense where you press and it’s done. Installing a high tech music system or controlling the lighting of that environment, you can control almost all the systems in your house from anywhere. From pool and spa features to security system, you can observe and control your home in a better way. Now, decrease your stress level with the help of wireless power control systems.

System Suiting the Interiors

It is so important that the gadget you select for your ‘Smart Home’ goes with the décor of your place, after all you want your home not just to act smart but look smart too. In this case, home automation technology has much to offer. The recent gadgets introduced in the market for ‘Smart Homes’ easily blends with your home interiors and in fact helps in enhancing the look and feel of your home. Home automation brings smart home gadgets that have aesthetically pleasing designs and smart door locks that look sleek and trendy! So don’t worry about spoiling the look of your home while getting tech savvy!

Automated Door Locks

One system that has come a long way in the technology for Home Automation is the security systems. You will see improved and advanced door locking system that can be controlled directly through your smart phone. In cases, when you have like ten carry bags in your hand, reaching that door handle could be a task. Automated Door Locks technology lets the smart door lock system sense your presence. Smart Locks senses the locking and unlocking behaviors and thus it takes a guess-work out of using a key by automating your door to unlock or at time even opens the door before you approach.

Controlled Thermostats

With the help of Home Automation innovations, now users can also control the temperature at their homes. There are times when you forget to turn off the heater or the air conditioner. Also there are times when you reach home and wished that the room was already cool. Now turn on the heat or switch on the air conditioning from anywhere with your smart phone or tablet through a programmable thermostat. Isn’t it wonderful! This programmable thermostat lets you control the temperature where technology like ‘Zone-based Thermostats’ uses motion sensors and heat only occupied rooms functions.  So if there are children at home or someone sick to be taken care, you can control the temperature they stay in at all times.

High – End Security Systems

If you are a parent, then Home Automation technology comes in bliss. Handling children, having a track of their activities and watching them is now possible through alarms availed in the Home Security Systems. These advanced security systems lets you set alarms for any reason whatsoever where you can take care of the household activities from your workplace or while travelling. Just with a touch, your life is much sorted when you are away from home.

Home Automation Technology Bringing Well-Being!

Quick access, control on household engagements, observations and tracking of home related work, all this is availed with Smart Homes leading to smarter people and parents. This avails a very secure sense I the mind for many. After all, it is the ‘Home Sweet Home’ you are talking about.

Before this blog gets even sweeter, we would like to remind you that its technical and it will require a software application development specialist. If you have a business idea for Smart Homes, then we have the solution. Smart Homes is a growing concept and eventually more people are opting for it, thus we made sure that we excel in developing for Smart Homes in very affordable prices. It becomes highly reasonable with us because we are IT Outsourcing India bringing smiles through technology solutions worldwide.

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