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The amazing blend of User Interface and Front End Development is gaining popularity among developers and technology enthusiasts. User interface is one of those aspects of development that is enabling the web presence of businesses with amazing and eye pleasing features and enabling users with awesome surfing experiences.

Front End Development Trends

It’s all about the User Experience

With the changing trends in the technology industry, most businesses going online, there is a gap that needs to be bridged through user experience. And in this rat race, everyone one is thriving to exist and please their users in whichever way they can. But still businesses have not yet realized the value of user experience to the fullest.
Nevertheless, coming to the point, online businesses are all about user experiences and of course the products and services you are selling. Seen website like Amazon? They offer brilliant user experience even after being a huge website that offer thousands of products and services. The user experience is unbeatable! This is the power of Front End Development that cannot just enhance the look and feel of your web presence but also play a major role in increasing your sales.

8 Front End Technology Trends

Learn the top trends and include them in your strategy for Front End Development and make the most of the development and avail solutions that are not only robust but also cater to the needs of the current market.

1. Motion User Interface or Motion UI

Motion User Interface is not really the new thing. It has existed among UI designers for a while but it is important to entitle this effect that makes a difference to the overall UI design. If you are fancy food brand or clothing brand, then having a Motion UI for your website or mobile application can really be a great idea. If you are yet to design your website or planning a revamp of your website, then you must consider incorporating Motion UI in your development strategy. Consult a CSS3 Development Specialist

Motion UI is all about creating experiences with CSS transitions and animations which can integrate in a UI design for mobile applications as well as websites. You can try animations, transitions and series of animations with the help of CSS3, animations which can be in 2D or 3D. With CSS3 animations, one element can be gradually changed from one style to another and CSS transitions lets you change property values smoothly. CSS3 transformations also allow you to scale, skew and rotate the elements of animation for 2D or 3D. Motion UI is a SASS library which allows easy operation and it is less complicated to make an app’s transition look glib and defined with predefined motions. What makes it even more interesting is the value of elements that can be transformed as per the changing needs.

Motion UI with CSS3

CSS3 Animations I CSS3 Transitions I CSS3 2D Transforms I CSS3 3D Transforms

2. Browser Based IDEs

With Integrated Development Environment benefits, Front End Development has changed its course providing user friendly framework for modern programming languages. In fact, more developers are now shifting to cloud based versions of IDEs as its faster, accessible and backed by a huge community of developers and programmers.

Using Browser based IDEs can be great because it offers flexibility, becoming one of the most trending ventures among developers worldwide in the year 2015. It is not necessary that you may be using all the tools all the time but it definitely comes handy if you wish to conduct a quick test of bootstrap code of Jade without having to download files. Thus, having a grip over browser based IDEs is worth considering as it is one of those trends that are here to stay.

3. New Responsive Design through Advanced Technologies

The future of development is being constantly improved by new technology platforms. It is not anymore about mobile first responsive designs but  front end development will go beyond this where 2016 is going to set the standards for Front End Development for the coming years. With new innovations like wearables, screens and devices like Apple Watch & Oculus Rift, development for such innovations will require more. The new technology platforms are going to enable Front End Developers with amazing development options resulting in brilliant user experiences. Among these technologies, Semantic UI is a new design which will be in very much in demand among UI designers and Front End Developers.

4. Full Screen Navigation Design

Well, the wider the better. We are talking in the context of the design of a device screen. For instance, a user is surfing on a desktop screen and then eventually shifts to surfing the same on their mobile screens then in this case of providing a ‘Full Screen Navigation’ can deliver better user experience. Full Screen Navigation is all about improving user experience.

It is one of those trends which are being considered in the development strategy by UI designers for Front End Development. Ask Front End Mobile Application Specialist for more details.

5. Internet of Things

The stats, the critics and technology professionals have predicted that Internet of Things is going to be a huge market. But over and above all that, the development for it has already started taking turns in order to meet the needs of the future. Smart Objects will be linked to the internet availing masses with automated access to gadgets and devices from anywhere anytime. IoT will enable exchange of data and information which was not possible earlier.

In the coming times, we can expect developers to come up with solutions that will ease out the process of exchange of such information and data. Hail Internet of Things! Gear up for the advent of Internet of Things (IoT) to amaze you.

6. Think REAL TIME

Among the new trends in Front End Development, one trend making news is creating real time analytics for mobile applications. In the recent times, there has been a considerate increase in the demand of apps that avail real time functions. Real Time Analytics are not only in demand for mobile apps but also the desktop now. With social media biggies like Facebook introducing live streaming features, the social media apps are looking for solutions that will cater to requirements of having real time analytics. ‘Real Time’ services are gradually gaining popularity among Front End Developers.

7. Blocking of Advertisements

It is expected that developers will come up with better techniques to neglect the effect of Ad Blocking Plug-ins. Many businesses globally are suffering losses due to such Advertisement blocking plug-ins affecting the revenue of not just the small websites but also the big ones where advertising generates big revenue for these small websites.

This year is expected to create some definite ways of protecting website from such ad block plug-ins. Also, many websites are looking at creating new and innovative ways of showcasing advertisements to their users and viewers.

8. Security is Priority

Mobile is that one point that is seen as very vulnerable in the coming years. To secure mobile application is becoming the next big thing among the security professionals of the IT industry where it is considered as the point of security breach very easily for one simple reason that it is mobile! ☺ Although, new security patches and better technology platforms are enabling developers to create mobile applications with innovations like Behaviometrics and Voice Recognition. With the increased number of cyber attacks, this trend is not considered a trend but a necessity for technology developers.


Among the most preferred frameworks for Front End Development are:

  • React
  • Flux
  • Microservices
  • Not jQuery
  • Server side JSX
  • PHP
  • GO

Not Really Trends!

The above mentioned trends may stay or go, but once what was understood to be the thing of the future, the tech world has already started to gear up towards it. What will matter is how well acquainted and well versed you are with the programming and development with the new tools and technology platforms. Are you prepared? Prepared for the future? Because Front End Development will play a major role in the coming years in the field of development and programming. Because WE ARE, let’s make this a joint effort, talk to us in case of queries. Your IT Outsourcing Software Development Partner.

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