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WordPress was first released in may 27, 2003 as a  free open source bloggin tool developed by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. WordPress is used by more than 18.9% of the top 10 million websites as of August 2013. WordPress is the most popular bloggin tool having more than 60 million websites.


As time passed wordpress also gained its popularity as Content Management Tool (CMS). There are many open source CMS in the market like joomla, drupal, magento. But why wordpress is better than other CMS. Why select wordpress?

cms compare

Following are few simple reasons why wordpress is popular and better.

1) Easy to use

WordPress is easy to use even for a non – technical person. It has the simplest interface compare to other CMS. The main purpose of CMS is to manage the content. Clients develop sites in CMS so that they can manage the content easily without taking help of developer or any other non-technical person. Whats the point if your client can not manage the content easily and simply. WordPress provides you the simple and easy interface. Any one can add content easily.

2) SEO friendly

Developing your site is not enough these days. There will be many compititiors in the market. So you will want your to apear in top list of google search. WordPress helps you ranking your website in search by having SEO-friendly permalinks. You can also set your own custom permalink.

3) Tons of plugin

Another powerful feature of worpdress is that on you can find over 29,000 free plugins developed by wordpress community. You can also get support from the plugin developers if you find any problems with plugins.

4) Tons of themes and templates

You can also find many beautiful themes and templates for wordpress, including responsive themes, fixed width themes etc.

5) Vast Community

Worpdess has a vast community of enthusiastic wordpress developers. These developers make plugin, themes, gives support. Plus a major plus point of having such community is that wordpress will update always.

What is the difference between and

The major difference between and is that is a blogging platform where as is a CMS. Other difference are:

  • A free-hosted WordPress blog does not allow you to choose your own domain. Your website resides on a subdomain e.g.
  • limits the number of plugins you can install on your blog. So you can not modify the blog according to your requirement.
  • Advertisements are not allowed on your free-hosted blog. Where as on you place any number of ads you want. You can modify the site as per your desire.

On Last note. Here are some well known big companies who uses wordpress


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