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WordPress was developed out of a desire for an elegant, well structured personal publishing system built on PHP and MySQL. This is fresh software, but its origins go way behind, to 2001. It is a fully grown and steady product. The developers consider that by focusing on its user experience and web standards, they will be capable to create a tool different from anything else out there.

A neat means to get involved with WordPress is to attend or volunteer at a WordCamp, which happens all around the world to meet and educate the WordPress users. WordCamps are informal community-established events, laid together by WordPress users, like, one of you. WordCamp has become the platform of choice for many WordPress experts around the globe. WordCamps were born out of desire for local groups to better interpret how to apply and develop the WordPress platforms. Local groups all around the world invite some of the best WordPress experts, coders and enthusiasts to gather at a strategic location decided by those local-groups, to improvise on their skills and to build a network with others, sharing the same passion.

The schedule of WordCamp 2014 in Seattle, Washington:

  • Saturday, June 28th – 9.30 am, WordCamp Seattle at the University of Washington HUB, and 5.30 pm, after Party at UW Mary Gates Commons, sponsored by Media Temple.
  • Sunday, June 29th – 9.30 am, Contributor Day at Impact HUB (Downtown Seattle)
  • The cost of this year’s event is $20.

WordCamp come in different flavors, based on the community that produce them, but in real, WordCamps include presenting on different topics ranging from serious WordPress tips to development tools and strategies. These Camps have something for everyone. Skill level ranges from the basic users to designers/Power-users to developers. Even those who have never learnt or known WordPress, WorldCamp can be a good place to learn about it for the first time.

WordCamps are a great way to connect and build network with other users and learn more about WordPress.

To be a part of this great event, or for further information and Registration, please visit

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