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WordCamps are mostly attended by new bloggers to professional WordPress experts and advisors. The first ever WordCamp was organized in 2006 in San Francisco by Matt Mullenweg. Since then over three hundred WordCamps have been devised by local communities, and it is expected that the number will go past a thousand within a span of years.

WordCamp Manchester is a casual, locally-based conference, which covers everything related to WordPress, which is being held on June 28-29 in Manchester, at Manchester’s Metropolitan University’s New School Building. About 120 people are expected at the conference and 70 people on the Contributor Day. We focus on catering everyone’s needs from bloggers to professional WordPress experts, with a two-track conference on Saturday (28th June, 2014) followed by a Contributor Day on Sunday (29th June, 2014). The event is a great means for good chats with other WordPress users and networking.

WordCamp, do not discriminate, everyone from WordPress users, experts, developers and enthusiasts are all welcome to this event, to share and gain knowledge, regardless of their experience level. Sessions are generally a variety of formats, including live demos, lectures/presentations, workshops, Q&A, etc, besides getting to meet other WordPress users face-to-face and exchange knowledge about the software. These new relations built, can lead to exciting WordPress projects.

WordCamp’s are basically fun events, where one can meet people who are as insanely inspired as you are, most WordCamp’s follow the conference with an after party, where the users can have a few beverages with their new acquaintances and exchange ideas.

It requires a bunch of people to make a WordCamp happen; each WordCamp is operated by volunteers, organizers, and speakers, each one of them invest time in this event. It is generally recognized that, participating in WordCamps is one of the most comfortable and most pleasurable ways to pay back something to the WordPress Community. WordCamps are not about money, most organizers use up their sponsors and ticket money in planning the event, and when there is surplus, it is used to benefit the community in some or the other way, and not treated as profit to be pocketed by the organizers.

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