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Automattic, the parent company of WordPress, announced its acquisition of Woothemes, the maker of popular blog themes and an even more popular WordPress-based ecommerce platform, Woocommerce.

This acquisition is an important milestone for Automattic, validation for the bootstrapped WooThemes, and will be hugely impactful on the WordPress economy as a whole.


This is big news for web developers, designers, bloggers and anyone using WordPress platform. Automattic, the corporation behind WordPress, is expected to bring support to the smaller Woothemes development team.

Prior to its acquisition by Automattic, Woothemes also developed and maintained Woocommerce, a popular ecommerce platform that allows users to quickly build and deploy websites to sell goods and services online. Woocommerce is famous for its simplicity and because it’s free to use. According to Woothemes, it powers over 24% of all online stores.

A press release by Woothemes stated that the users using their products, which includes extensions and themes will not experience any change in their licenses. It also appears, that the team will also remain the same, as they intend to keep their original developers on staff, which will now support the Automattic resources and developers.

In the past few years, Woocommerce rally distinguished itself, just like WordPress as a whole, it developed a robust community around its software, and its products meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of users around the world.

Woocommerce is also a team; it is created and supported by 55 people in 16 countries, added to Automattic’s 325 people in 37 countries, combines to 380-person Company across 42 countries.

Automattic offer many subscription services, have a massive team of engineers, as well as own That means, there’s a heap more customers to reach and the tools and talents to simplify and extend ecommerce.

If Automattic can play a part in democratizing the ability for regular users to sell products online, it can also have the potential to globally transform ecommerce.

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