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Instagram has mostly been a mobile-first platform; however the desktop version let you watch pictures in a better resolution. The desktop version of Instagram had not been up to mark when compared to the mobile version.


Although, there has come a time to change this and welcome the upcoming redesigned interface emphasizing on cleaner and flatter design.

The new upgrade brings change in the Header section which used to showcase a selection of photos. It has now been changed to a simple bio header following a simpler arrangement of photos. And the profile page will now show three large photos instead of the five tiny ones.

The home page has also become cleaner with minimalistic design. The more colourful homepage is now revamped with simple lines and white spaces. This new layout will now also feature on hashtag pages with the desktop feed.  This new version is created to attract more users to its desktop version.

Apart from this, now the users can also follow, like, comment and edit their profiles easily simply from the web. This new version will be compatible with most of the browsers.

The new interface also includes infinite scrolling through the feeds, making it look more like using the app on the mobile.

Instagram also announced that they are going to strengthen the ads on its very famous mobile photo app which will basically cater to all kinds of businesses, providing the advertisers with a much more robust tool for their advertising needs. This will also give the advertisers the power to skilfully direct their campaigns based on demographics,.

The new look is more like a modern 2012 look with flatter and simpler design where the white space makes each individual shot stand out from the lot than it did in the older outdated version.

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