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WPUK organizes and co -ordinates casual gatherings of WordPress publishers, developers and designers based in The United Kingdom. The core of WPUK coordinates the activities.

Wordcamp Bournemouth, UK is a two day conference for WordPress users. This event is a follow up to Wordcamp Lancaster, UK, 2013.

The principles of a participant-driven informal gathering are used for this event. The event is put together by the organizing team and produced by WPUK.

The agenda of the event is built online; hence participants can propose sessions according to their expertise. The two days running order are currently being built on the WPUK website; where you can find out about how to propose a session.

The event is held to facilitate debate and discussion between WordPress experts, developers and designers based in the UK.

The 7th outing of the conference, celebrating WordPress will take place at Bournemouth University’s Executive Business Centre on 12-13 July 2014. With 20% of the web running on WordPress it is a hugely important platform for designers and developers.

The event is open for anyone who is a WordPress enthusiast. It is a platform provided to meet and build quality networks. Professional developers and other WordPress experts can discover more about the new trends in technology, while the novices can develop their skills to become masters in the said platform. It is a great way to learn about WordPress and its wide range of functions. Plus, it’s an event full of fun.

To keep yourself updated on the schedule of the event, please keep visiting,

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