About the Project

A France-based IT company had developed a web-based application that allowed users to efficiently manage vending machine inventory. Their requirement was to improve the performance of the application by migrating it to Cloud, customizing its existing functionalities and adding some new ones. Hence, they partnered with Helios Solutions.


  • .NET
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery

“As soon as the Vending Machine Management Software was optimized by us, sales went up, and the client was able to give subscription of the software to more than 100 customers in France and Germany.”


  • Optimization of the existing application
  • Multi-tenancy support
  • Multilingual support
  • Real-time tracking of inventory
  • Enhanced security


  • Address the broken security architecture
  • Sync the stock quantity of vending machines


  • Configuration of the application to support multi-tenancy
  • Development of‘Product Management’functionality that enabled adding and editing of an existing product with just a click
  • Design and implementation of a multi-language database (French, English, Dutch, German and Spanish)
  • Implementation of role-based access control


Centralized control and Omni-channel visibility
Optimization of stock levels through real-time inventory tracking
Improved security with accountability structure