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Going Mobile? We hope you are on track, if not you have just landed to the right page. Going mobile is a crucial decision to make. It is not that simple! There are many decisions to get through before you make this investment. It is easy to fall for the new trends in the market, especially in a technology oriented world where everyday there is something new. But you cannot change every day! Is the shift a new mobile revolution happening, consider to move with it.

Mobile App Development

To help you out, we have listed 3 important questions that you must ask yourself before you make this shift to a mobile application.


Question 1:

iOS or Android?

iOS or Android

Whatever you may be, an eCommerce business or a Business to Business website, it is important that you are optimal for viewing across multiple devices without a doubt. But is it really necessary for you to have an application is a move which is critical. Look for the signals, is your target market looking for such a service or maybe you want to be in ahead in competition and consider creating this need for them. It could be both ways!

The agenda is selecting the operating system between Android and iOS, this is the question most businesses fail to answer. The answer to this is your target audience. Define the purpose to have this service at the first place. Why do you need to have it! Understand your target audience, conduct a survey. Don’t go with what masses prefer. In many cases, you may find that you need to create this application for both the systems or may be not at all. You also need to know what your competitors are doing, are they reaching out for both – Android and iOS, then you may want to consider having applications for both. Every operating system has its own advantages and disadvantages, it may suit some business needs and may not, consider studying both the sides. To understand about the operating system, talk to mobile application development specialist.

Choose a platform that reaches the greatest number of your target audience!

Question 2:

How should the application look and feel?

application look

When it is mobile, everything is at your disposal but with its advantages comes the disadvantage of it being small in size, sometimes really small. Now that masses are use to viewing information on mobile, it is because IT professionals and UX designers who have made sure that they give an appealing and good looking mobile application to view and hence enhance a user’s experience while they are using your application.

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Facing the reality, in today’s materialistic world, what looks good, sells! If you are business, you need to live by it. Make sure, your UX is extremely pleasing; you don’t want to disappoint your audience at any level while using your application. Not just the user experience is important but also how it really looks, where your branding also plays a vital role. To make a customer download your application is in itself a very big deal! Here, even the small detail like how your logo appears on the app store can be the reason for this decision making. Give what they want, keep it simple and minimal. Account what is important, ignore the rest, sometimes it is ok not to live by the rules. Help them understand your brand, your products or services.

Stop Selling! Start Helping!

Question 3:

Should you offer it for Free or Charge for it?

free or paid app

Mobile applications are more usable than mobile optimized websites. A user can take a look at your application from anywhere, anytime. This is the biggest advantage in comparison to websites. It is more user friendly than mobile optimized websites because only limited optimization is possible with website design and thus it is does not give a personalized experience like in the case of a separate mobile application. Understanding whether you should charge for it depends upon various factors.

It is ideal to keep your application free of cost initially, once you have gained a certain number of audience or users who are regularly using your application, then you may consider charging for such mobile application. As said earlier, it is a major task to get a user to download an application at first, so may want to avail them for free. As what is given for free is generally taken and accepted easily. Here, you might want to come easy ;)

Another approach could be the evergreen approach – 0.99 approach! You can charge that for the whole app or for few add ons to the mobile application. It is observed that users easily justify paying at least that price, but consider the behavior of your target audience or the kind of business in order to charge such a price. They need to find it worth it!

You have yet another way out – The Trial Offer – Approach. Here, you can avail your audience with a free trial version like software applications. If they like the application during the trial period or you manage to please them during that period, they will automatically pay to have it.

Mobile Applications are omnipresent!

Once you are done asking these questions, you have plan which is contingency proof. You can assume that you have weighed the pro and cons of having an application. We hope that we are of some help to you to take this crucial decision. If you are still confused about your transition, you must talk to our mobile app development expert.

At Helios, we don’t just develop but we also suggest and provide our clients with consultation before we give our technology solutions, we don’t want our clients to fail due to any reason. We have an expertise as we have been helping businesses globally since 11 years. We focus on European businesses as we understand the target audience better, get in touch with us for developing an amazing mobile application that pleases your audience. Helios Quick Link:

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