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Christmas is less than a fortnight away! With more people shopping online than ever before, sales at your e-store would see a big surge if you have already prepared for this holiday rush. So, are you ready to treat your customers like kings in this festive season? Let us be specific, have you optimized your e-commerce site for better conversion and customer experience? If not, then it is high time for you to conduct A/B testing. Yes, you heard us right!

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What is A/B testing and how does it work?

It is a method of comparing two versions of your web page against each other by showing them to users at random to determine which version performs better for a given conversion goal. It enables you to replace guesswork with data-informed decisions when it comes to website optimization.

So, how does it work? Take one of your web page and let it be your control version or A-version. Then you introduce a change in it which could be as simple as a button or a complete design revamp of the page to create the variation or B-version. Now, you show the control version to half of your traffic and variation to the other half to measure their engagement with each experience. This data is then analyzed to determine whether changing the experience had a positive, negative or no effect on your site visitors’ behaviour.

Why is it important for your e-commerce website?

As an e-commerce website has plenty of elements, it presents numerous opportunities for testing, right from product pages, site layout to the checkout process. Furthermore, you can directly measure the impact of A/B testing in terms of revenue. You can easily find out what interests your audience by analyzing user behaviour and also reduce cart abandonments by conducting successful A/B tests.

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A/B tests to try for your e-commerce website

There are so many elements that you can test in your e-commerce site. However, discussing all of them is beyond the scope of this article. Here are some of the commonly tested elements for optimized conversion that are being considered below:

Product pages

You can test many things on your product page itself, like placing the “buy now” buttons above the fold, increasing the size of product images, including trust badges, using contrasting and bright colours for your buttons, and so on. Since, all of these sounds like best practices, it is obvious for you to wonder that why you need to perform A/B tests? Well, that is the beauty of A/B tests that you can never be sure of the results unless and until you test them on your audience. For instance, our e-commerce development experts had experienced that removing a product filter for one of our client’s e-commerce site has increased user engagement by 25 percent whereas for others, including product filters has resulted in increased revenue. You can even test whether cross-selling impacts your sales positively (by providing more options and encouraging them to buy more) or negatively (too many options leave your customers confused!).

Pricing and shipping strategies

How would you convert prospects visiting your site for checking out the latest products? As pricing influences consumer decision making, you can put pricing variations and test which one works in your favour. Whether you should display your prices on the left-hand or right-hand side of the product image? Is your latest discount offer working fine? Do you need to consider changing your shipping strategies? You can get answers to all of these questions and many more by A/B testing your e-commerce website.

Your changes may not work all the time but most of the time they will. The most important thing is that you will be benefited with insights into buyer behaviour and will also be able to eliminate friction that hinders conversion. Hence, get in touch with us now to make the most of this holiday season. We are Ecommerce Development Service Provider who can help you to make your e-store a lot more effective with professional and cost-effective solutions.

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