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The technology industry is experiencing a paradigm shift with the increase in the demand for web applications. And AngularJS – a JavaScript framework by Google has become really popular for web application development. It is pushing the technology industry towards web app and mobile app development by acting like a support for this paradigm shift offering rich and robust features for development.

Angular 2 – released recently as the latest version of the framework proves to be a great update with the new features for web applications development. Let us see the good, bad and the upcoming trends and features of Angular 2.

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Angular 2 – Taking App Development to Level Next

Angular 2 is a full platform successor for development for building complex applications for browsers and solutions beyond browsers. It is the update after Google’s Angular 1 known as AngularJS for cross browser applications development. It offers consolidated development with features that are fast for any kind of heavy application. The technology industry is witnessing a good impact of this framework as it avails faster development for companies that have long application development cycles that takes years to complete.

This technology is offering stability in the development process where the developers are allowed to mix and blend other applications with the framework. This increases their reliability for a stable development process. Angular Development Experts can easily build native mobile apps using the same open source framework using JavaScript. It offers consistency while in the development process. Developers don’t need to know two different frameworks for different operating systems like Android or iOS. The framework offers great flexibility where developers can build almost anything from small robust apps to huge mobile and web applications.

What has the Future Got?

Angular framework is expected to improve as it is a product of the biggie Google and maintained by Google Engineers. It has always pleased its developers and programmers. And the community of web developers happens to love it. In the current times, web developers have to look and assemble libraries to create a modern web application. But Angular 2 is said to focus on making this process easier by offering everything at one go, making development process very convenient for developers. It provides functionality which suits modern web application development and is expected to meet the needs of the developers in more elaborate fashion.

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In the future, it will welcome other programs that developers wish to incorporate in the web application development plan. Basically, it will offer integration of other programs leading to stack development process. It is built keeping the tools in mind which makes its Tool-Able framework. Angular 1 was availing only web app development, but with the introduction of Angular 2, developers can expand the development process and build much more with it. As rightly mentioned above beyond browser experiences while streamlining the web development process and preparing it for modern needs of the web.

The Black, White & Grey of AngularJS

The Angular 2 is indeed the evolved version of framework which comes with improved core architecture, two way data binding model, better performance and directives. The concepts of the UI components are also brilliant. It can be used to build anything when it comes to web applications, but the complex features of the framework is an over skill for simple applications that are for single platform. This is the only drawback of the framework which is expected to bridge with the next update. The version already offers the improved set of features and faster development along with the bug fixes from Angular 1.

Trends in 2017

The JavaScript client side framework is expected to offer ground breaking results in the coming year. Other frameworks like React JS or Ext JS are also among the competitors, but AngularJS seems to be ahead in the race. With the mobile first generation, we need application to run across devices and browsers along with optimal viewing on multiple platforms. As soon as the phones are better supporting JavaScript as a native language, we will see more JavaScript developers than native developers in the technology industry.

According to our web development team, on the user’s end, we will see frameworks like React JS and React Native still ruling as the adoption of the technology has suited the start ups and the small businesses. We will also see TypeScript as one of the leading frameworks for web app development in 2017. But AngularJS will continue to rule over the web application development for huge companies or heavier systems as the development here is easier.

Last Words…

Angular 2 is built on new standards of JavaScript scripting language. And tomorrow, more web applications and mobile apps are expected to select JavaScript as the native language for devices. Thus, we can see a great change in the development needs as said by our Angular Development Specialists. Our team of mobile development expert is already developing mobile apps with AngularJS and is expressing interests over building more in AngularJS. We are able to deliver robust applications disrupting the device challenges with the help of Angular 2. If you have any query in development or if you are looking for a solution, you can always reach out to us.

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