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Employees are the strength of any company and thus it is vital to make the most of their efficiency and provide them with an environment that will help them polish their skills and ease out the process of work. Although, technology until now did not have much to offer other than a time keeping device like the biometric system and other software based application that could help them in accounting, recording and tracking.

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But since the advent of the Smart Phones, the era of mobile apps has give software development a new vertical where you name something and we have a mobile app for it today. Yes, today enterprise apps are helping people in making a revolutionary change in the work process and effective communication within an organization or company and also among the employees.

But creating an application can be a crucial aspect to understand, it is not about the development but your strategy that will make the difference. Here are a few points to keep in mind before you develop Enterprise Application.

Understand the Target Audience

When it comes to Enterprise Application, it is important to have an understanding of the needs that you will be catering to. However, in many cases, the requirements of one organization can be different than the other and that could be in the case of departments of the organization. Here, the generic apps available on the app store might not work and thus a business will need to create a mobile app that works for company – custom made enterprise app. So before you go about developing a mobile app, you need to make sure that you are creating features that will help the users in meeting their requirements resulting in building an effective and user friendly mobile app.

Here, enterprise app means your target audiences are the employees where they will contribute to the productivity of an enterprise by using mobile app. We all have heard that user experience is the most important when creating a mobile application, but in the case of enterprise application, it isn’t all about user experience. For the record, it takes approximately 7 seconds for a user to make the decision about the mobile app after downloading. A well designed mobile app should drive engagement and create an unforgettable experience.

The challenge is that people by now have been using mobile apps that give amazing user experiences. One needs to understand the environment in which the app will be used. In the case enterprise applications, it is about reaching out to the needs successfully along with keeping user experience in mind. Because of course you need to be sure that they adapt to such a work process.

The Rising NEED for Enterprise Mobile Application

Many businesses are making this move of having a mobile app; especially the large sized and medium sized businesses prefer custom made enterprise mobile apps that suit to the needs of their organization.

The main reason according to the Business Development Manager at Helios Solution is “There are two main reasons for the increase in the need of enterprise mobile apps – One reason is to fulfill the organizational needs for in-house use and positively affect the overall productivity of the organization and the other reason is BYOD where remote control by the Admin is possible at every level on every employee and department. Thus the information and data being shared is kept private and controlled. One needs to strictly understand there is difference between creating and designing for enterprise app and an app that caters to a global audience. The user experience changes and thus the requirements change. Also, with cloud computing it is gaining some comprehension and businesses are realizing the benefits of the cloud computing for enterprise mobile apps.”

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Another aspect pointed out by the Fingerman highlights three major trends that have spurred the rise of apps “ The first is the increase of BYOD and BYOA which means more employees are walking through office doors equipped with personal mobile devices they use to access work related information – whether it’s approved by Information Technology or not. Next, he points to the “Emergence of Mobile Development Platform”

The above mentioned statements may be true in case of well designed apps but those apps that  are poorly designed may fail to please the employees and thus fail as an enterprise application. This is why those organizations that tried to adapt to a mobile app may have already shifted back to the traditional modes of working.

Steps of Creating a Well Designed Enterprise App:

The following are the steps for creating a well designed Enterprise App –

  1. Create an Enterprise Mobile App Development Strategy

A good mobile app must benefit the end user, only then you can establish the success of your idea and its development. To begin with – define your strategy step wise as to how you will go about creating, development and support for such application. Decide on factors like employee strength, their departments, data etc. Creating a strategy that defines various steps so that you do not miss out of any of the important aspects of developing a mobile app.

  1. Consult a Enterprise Mobile App Development Specialist

Consulting a Mobile Development Expert will give you the desired results. Especially when it is about creating enterprise mobile app, it is important that your IT partner understands business and how it works. An Enterprise Mobile App specialist will have the knowledge, expertise and experience in creation and development of such mobile apps. Aspects like Enterprise Certification for Enterprise Mobile App and other certifications are important to consider before launch.

Understand how to use the RIGHT IT Partner?

  1. Define Users, Requirements & Trends

Once you have the resources in place like a mobile app strategy and a Mobile App Development Specialist, then one thing that needs to be considered is the users you are targeting. Like mentioned above the target audience is much important as finally the mobile app is being developed for user’s benefit. In case of the enterprise, you need to account that this will create an effect on the company’s overall efficiency.

  1. Selection of Mobile Technology

This step is among the most crucial step, this is where the Mobile Development Specialist will come to rescue. Not all enterprise decision makers have the knowledge about technology or the platform for development. Thus, your Outsourcing IT Partner would be a good and affordable option to build Enterprise Mobile App Development. Just make sure that you select a technology that suits the requirement of your business and the one that will adapt to the needs and changes in future.

  1. Improvements Post Release

Quality of the development and code is the prime responsibility of your IT partner. To achieve good quality or improvise and provide with best of solution, one can release the mobile app and then understand from the users, what can be done to improve its features? This always works! It is more like you have to take the test to know how it works. Also conducting a pilot study will help you in analyzing what is important for improving the enterprise mobile app. As once the users use it, over a period a feedback can help in adding features or even removing the unnecessary elements resulting in a more effective app.

A Word from Enterprise Mobile App Development Team – Helios

We as a team of mobile developers are constantly learning and exploring. The enterprise mobile app development team in infact comprises of those from the business backgrounds and come with an experience in consulting for businesses and benefits of technology to them. This acts like an added advantage for those who build mobile app with us. We will not just help you develop but also cater to defining your purpose and defining your requirements. All you have to do is tell us what you are looking for the rest will be taken care by our team of Enterprise Mobile App Development Specialists. We are looking forward to interesting projects in Enterprise Mobile App Development. Let’s make businesses better!

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